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Yet another bill arrives and Lowe's has applied our payment to our no interest/no payment bills for next September. They have told me that I can't speak to them, they must speak to the primary card holder yet it the primary defaults, they'll come after me, go figure.

They can't ever get the payments straight. They can take their card and shove it, I'm done.

My brother stopped shopping there years ago.

I will now shop at 84 Lumber or Home Depot. After a complaint at Home Depot about not raising our credit limit, it was adjusted immediately. And as for 84 Lumber, they are a locally owned company.

I will tell 10 people and they will tell 10 people and they will tell 10 people, goodbye Lowe's.....................

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Credit Card.

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I gave up on Lowe's years ago. They pulled some nonsense with 2 of my credit accounts nearly causing one of the no interest/no payment accounts to default by not appling my payments as I had asked them to.

Lowe's customer service regarding the issue was appalling.

I have gone back to the mom and pop stores. They respect my hard earned money.

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