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This past weekend on Saturday 8/11/11 I visited the Lowe's store at 20 International Drive South in Flanders, NJ 07836. I wanted to purchase a new garage door, and told an associate my door was 9 feet wide and they showed me an Amarr door model 500 (#101073 9 x 7) (steel with insulation).

They told me this was a standard size, which I was led to believe would work fine. I purchased the door for $314.00, and brought it home and began installation. When getting to the top section I realized my door was taller than my garage opening. I altered the door's panel to make it fit.

It fits but doesn't work right. After some research I found out that I should have ordered a 6 foot 6 inch door that has 2 middle 18" panels. I was told I can't return the door because I altered the 1 panel. So now I am trying to order these 2 18 inch panels.

Neither Amarr will talk with me, they say I need to deal with Lowes who I bought it from. When I called Lowe's in Flanders again, they said I can't order just 2 18" panels, that in fact I had to special order an entire new door (no return for original door).

After a full week after submitting this complaint, they have not resolved my issue. I am stuck with a useless garage door.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

Monetary Loss: $310.

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9x7 is a standard door. Why didn't YOU take the time to measure the door before you bought it or install it.

Sounds like you cut the top panel. Why do you even think they would want it back? Take responsibility for YOUR mistake. Buying the new door is the correct thing to do as you would need to order three panels.

The two middle panels and the top one you "altered" Typically is costs more to order three replacement panels than to order a complete door. Unfortunately you just had an expensive learning experience: Measure before you buy>