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Many people are in denial, and are not affected by racism, that is a given, these individuals probably do not care anyway. Someone whom is a victim of it, will look for it, because they need to avoid it in order to maintain respect, dignity, and success, credit for their work. Don't expect to get the same credit, treatment or familiarity, lowe's workers share if they are white. Not to say, i am extremely social, that is not detriment to treating people fairly. I was slandered, stalked by police, framed, insulted on numerous occasions weekly for avoiding people. I am a minority, i was one of the few they keep around because Lowe's employs a quota. On a range of 50-200 employees for larger stores you will see a disproportionate number of minorities. Also when one leave, the hire rate is 100%, and drops back to 0% or close. Why?, because its a quota, while i have had many come and ask how i was hired there, who are minorities. I have had the companies values extend to my personal life and force me to quit, force me out of school, force me into submission by a agency that protects lowe's interests "Big'ol'gov'ena". I am now having blacklisting problems for medical care and job seeking in the area because i spoke about race, filed wokers compensation. The govrnment is supporting, endorsing white supremacy, and hate crime outside of legal bounds "extrajudicially", and plenty of privileged 1st class citizens jump at the opportunity to make a example out of a "minority". I have been called a number of things, and inside jokes between employees, this is suburbia, the rural areas that are the worst. The minority population is small and the KKK Dragon, headmasters live only 5 miles from the town, two in fact. This is New York, and when you complain about hate crime, to the point of confederate flags outside your home, before your forced to quit, NYS does nothing. It is a predominately white, italian area and a long list of white collar crime runs out of here under blindfolds.

From 2012-ongoing, a form of illegal surveillance continues on behalf of the company, in order to discriminate and protect the company's interests. This involves defraud schemes set up to harass employees of color out of work. When i was forced to quit, and came back to the store shortly after, not on of the individuals i beleived to be involved would even look my direction or speak to me. This is a coy game of putting up the front, that they support equality, peoples personal interests are severely in the way of corporate policy.

Most prejudice, employees, people in general, do not want to talk, hear, or see the perspective of a minority on racism. What they all share in common is, never having someone hold back your success, progress, options based on race, color, experience, and further add on the the list of stigma's by preventing your success. Many minorities are still and barely competitive "financially" and have been more concerned about a happy life. When you need a job, and every store, location, town and region is hiring you only on the basis that they have a quota to fill, the other employees know this. Customers know it, they see minorities as uneducated and complain about coming from poverty or segregated interests with whites who flee the minute "minority", becomes majority.

I have a federal case for gross discrimination against Lowe's, i expect to see injustice and to be ignored for various reasons. The game being played is always, "i lived better, know more, or have more experience", therefore, you cannot question my opinion as a white citizen, manager,lawyer,ect. We all know what is right and wrong, problem is, most white citizens are willing to do wrong and injustice to minority groups, because its the behavior they thrive off of. Dishonesty, misleading business, holding evidence, truth, capitalism, extortion, inflation, price gouging, politicking, and using social conversation for levying interests. Who can a poor person compete, when they just want food on the table and move to a better job. The list goes on......its called suffrage and its thrown in our faces.

My court date is still MIA, everything else seems to be severely put on hold, even medical care if interfered with.

Reason of review: employment.

Preferred solution: There isnt a solution, the law does not protect minorities and they endorse the behavor..

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