Enumclaw, Washington

June,2011: Lowe's paint salesperson assured me that if the primed my varnished oak chairs with Valspar Bonding Primer I would not have to sand -- big mistake!! I primed the chairs and waited one to three days to paint with Valspar Black Indoor/Outdoor High Gloss paint.

Six weeks later the chairs are still tacky to the touch and you slightly stick to the chair when sitting in it! I went back to Lowe's last week and asked the paint employee about this situation. He acted like he had never heard of the problem before.

Now I see all of these negative reviews-- surely they need to change their product! I am going to ask for a refund, but I wasted time painting these 5 chairs.

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I wish I’d read this BEFORE using #VALSPAR #STAINBLOCKING #BONDING #PRIMER/SEALER.This crap just ruined my brand new out of the box closet organizing system. Four towers and 15 drawers later it allllll peels off but only sticks in the nooks and crannies


DO NOT BUY “VASPARs STAINBLOCKING BONDING PRIMER/SEALER” !!!It DOES NOT stick to ceramic tile, DOES NOT stick to glass, it DOES NOT stick to glossy surfaces! HUUUUUGE waste of my time, let alone the high cost for this primer.It’s all FALSE ADVERTISING!


Product bonds well but is too thick to work and instructions say not to thin. SW is superior.


I also learned the hard way that you cannot use latex or acrylic water based paint and oil based paint together . That is the problem you are having.

You must use a latex or acrylic water based paint over the bonding primer. You could have spray painted right over your oak chairs without doing anything else to them. Same goes for stain and varnish.

Water and oil don't mix. I personally take with a grain of salt the advice I recieved from the store


Why blame the primer it's the paint that didn't dry. I guess if you would of sanded it you would have found out the paint hadn't dried.

Common sense would have been your friend that day. I'm surprised you didn't blame the sun for not being hot enough.

@perry yo

would HAVE, not of.

@perry yo

You’re a joke!I have also just used this primer. Wasted 2 days of priming 15 drawers and 4 closet towers!

Says on can it dries to touch in one hour but can be revolted 4 hrs later. 8 hrs later it all scrapes off!!!


I put the primer on a bathtub, a plastic or fiberglass construction, along with a couple of coats of paint. Is it possible to "remove" all the paint AND the bonding primer?

If so, how? thanks


I'm thinking it wasn't the primer, it was the paint you used. I've had a problem with some of their paints.

I am using the primer right now on glossy cabinets and so far so good. I will do an update when I can if I prove myself wrong.


We all know that a high gloss paint can be very sticky, so why blame the primer? I don't know what 'sanding' would have done to the primer (?)


yes it sounds like it was put on too thick or it was to humid outside where you painted and moisture got trapped under the paint and that is causing the delayed drying time


it sounds like you put the gloss paint on too heavy - how humid or hot was it where you painted - that effects drying time. All Paint especially furniture can take 3-4 weeks to cure completely