Issaquah, Washington

I purchased a vacuum last night it was broken i went back and returned it but instead of just exchanging it right away they made me purchase the item again but the funds wont go back on to my card right away so after a half an hour of standing there listening to the manager talk about me and my credit card like i wasn't there as if she could not be bothered and then snapping at the only lady trying to help me like she was an *** so my card was declined due to the funds not being in there yet so i have a huge project today and need that vacuum so thanks lowe's for making a simple exchange in to a customer loosing event for your customer in fact im telling all i know to stop dealing with lowes . the customer service is a joke and i will be calling corporate tomorrow i want my vacuum

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Why not do a simple exchange? If the purchased item will not work and you are taking the identical item why not just exchange?

This should be a no brainer on the part of the manager and the associate. No reason to loose a customer for something this ***.Make things easier for yourself and the consumer.


It amazes me how many complaints are on this website about this... haven't people ever returned something before?

Now if they were smart at working a register, they would have done it as cash in and cash out if it was the same item so I can see the complaint in those terms.


that is not lowe's problem that is a problem with your credit card company not doing an instant return of funds. It takes 3-5 days for the funds to return to your account that is what they tell you but it depends on what credit card company you have.