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We have had a nightmare dealing with Lowe's carpeting.

They special ordered carpet then realized the night before installation that they forgot to order enough carpet for the entire house, even though they had the full figures in front of them and had come to our house in person to measure.

A subsequent reorder and they realized, whoops, we forgot a second time to order enough carpet.

My husband and I, and our 6 month old baby, have been displaced from our home for almost 3 weeks now, and there is no end in sight for when the carpet will be completed. And worst of it is they don't seem really concerned about helping us and don't seem to realize how much they have completely disrupted our lives. They don't really apologize and their continued incompetence is truly mind-boggling.

I strongly recommend that you look elsewhere for your flooring needs and do not use Lowe's.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

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Call the manager (store manager) explain what you just wrote here and ask what he plans to do for you. If he says nothing ask for his market directors number.

Likely he will ask you what you think is fair. 50% is a nice square number. It hits the stores margin so they make nothing. Be polite and play the politics game.

Dont be satisfied until you get the number you want. remember you are the customer with the signed contract that they failed to produce upon. Dont mention legal action or they will not talk.

Good luck. Bet you get half your money back!


I am going through the same thing right now. We moved into our condo one month ago a needed new carpet in both bedrooms.

We went to lowes, took home the swatch board, picked our color and placed the order the next day. We had someone come measure two days later. Then went back and paid and made the order official. We were told 10 days which became over two weeks.

the whole time we didn't really put our things in the bedrooms beside mattresses and dressers. Everything else was in the living room and dining room. Our place is only 1000square feet. Finally the day of installation arrives and I am at the end of my rope living in chaos.

My husband and I get up, move the mattresses onto our balcony, dressers in the bathroom and wait for 10 am. At 11am, we get the call that there was not enough carpeting for both bedrooms. Someone ordered the wrong size. Unbelievable!

We took off work, moved furniture and we were awaiting our carpet just to find out it wasn't happening. There was only enough for one room.

My question is, what do I do know? Go somewhere else and cancel the order?

Wait it out for the right size?

Raise a stink and demand serious discounts? Does anyone know how to deal with lowe's?