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As a previously satisfied customer, I am extremely dissatisfied with our most recent purchase from our Steubenville, Ohio store. We had gone to Lowes in Steubenville to look at refrigerators.

The only way we were going to buy one is if we could get it with no interest or payments for 12 months. In May 2009 we bought our house and came to this same Lowe's store. They offered us the 12 months 0 interest 0 payments for purchases over $299. We purchased about $3500.00 worth of appliances (A Gas Stove, Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Washer, Dryer, lawn mower and Outdoor Grill) and then paid it off with our 2009 tax return in February of 2010.

Since we were looking for this exact same deal, we specifically asked the Lowe's associate if it was being offered. The same Lowes associate who sold us all of our appliances the previous year, told us that it was the same deal being offered at the time and any purchase we made, over $299.00, qualified for that program. With this great news, I made renovations to my kitchen to accommodate the new, much larger refrigerator. Much to our surprise, we got a bill the next month with a minimum payment of $48.00.

There is nothing Lowes will do about it and now I have spent money and put my trust, in a Lowes salesperson, for nothing more than a small refrigerator, in a huge hole, in my kitchen.

They picked up the refrigerator this week, on Wednesday April 27th. Its a good thing that we didn't get rid of the old one. I understand that you picked it up and refunded our Lowes card, but a lot of sweat, time and money went into this project just to be severely disappointed in the end.

I regret to inform lowes that I will no longer be a customer. And I am also doing everything in my power to involve the media to expose how your salesmen work. Lie to get a sale. I have also put our story on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter to get the word out to our friends and family to let them know not to shop at Lowes.

Our impact may be small, but any impact I can make is worth it. The first sale you will lose is the $3000.00 deck we planed on building this summer.

Thank you for your time. Jeff and Helen DeMaria

Monetary Loss: $1400.

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I always do this and NEVER have an issue. You must have purchased something that was not on the promotion.

Regardless, you should make monthly payments anyway. Interest continues to accrue monthly. At the end, if the promotion is not paid in full ALL the interest for the year is tacked on. That could cost you 30% more than you paid for the items.

$3500 X 30% is $1050. It is stated in the terms and is visible for anyone to read.


Seems like a minimum monthly payment is the norm and if you're able and choose to pay off before the promotional period ends, you won and made great use of the offer. I've never heard of a "pay zero" until the promotional period ends. Maybe you misunderstood the promotion and Lowes and the sales associate are not at fault.


Your and *** ! no one loans money for 12 mths with no payments !


Lowes did nothing wrong to YOU! Blame the Government because you still got to pay a A minimum payment every month and you're still get the 18 months interest free... So really you're just ignorant because you got to play a little minimum payment of 48 bucks a month interest FREE!


Hello...even with no interest program, you will have a minimum payment...they don't do no payment at all anymore that I'm aware you pay the minimum payment, (still at no interest) and then pay it off when you get your taxes or whatever.


awwww poor thing. suck it up


At lowes on any x number of months on promotion you have a payment this is stated on all promotion signs no interest with payment you people make me sick you don't know how to read.


If you can't afford a $48 dollar payment each month, I doubt you would have purchased a deck anyways. You're poor.


Maybe Lowes could offer you 0% & no payments ever. Ah, people like you, they walk among us!


Lowe's card through GE bank has never offered a plan with ZERO dollars payment. For all the years I have had it, it has always said all over the place there is a minimum monthly payment.

Aside from that, as much as I've spent at Lowe's - never have I ever seen a possible way to buy as much as you have said for only $3500 but like someone else said - you can't afford $48 but spent thousands remodeling? :x


Dear inslbjd9 (your name should be insipid) - Lowe's is wonderful, and their customer service is excellent. I have bought many items with 0% financing for 18-months at Lowe's.

Never in history has there been such a fantastic deal.

Of course you have to make a small monthly payment - that is written all over the brochures, the signs in the store, and the paperwork you get from GE Money. If you can't afford $48/month, how can you afford a new house and a $3,000 deck?


You can thank your government for this ***...Lowes has nothing to do with it. There is no such thing as zero payments with credit lenders anymore.

Along with that, the credit promotion is not offered through Lowes.

Its offered through GE Money so know what you are talking about. Plus if you "trusted" a retail salesman to know credit are still a ***.


I hate it when people talk about all the media outlets they've contacted about their problem, when it turns out they actually have no idea what they're talking about. And I feel bad for the salesperson, I hope for the sake of your dignity that you haven't given him any grief.

And I don't even see why it matters. Those minimum payments are so small, so if you only made those, you wouldn't come close to paying it off and end up paying all the interest at the end.

So next time DO YOUR *** HOMEWORK before treating people like *** and acting like a spoiled brat.


I think there was a disconnect in communication between you and the salesman; lowes has never offered a 12 month no payment, the promotions are a certain amount of months, in this case 12, interest free payments as long as you pay off the bill in the 12 months, maybe you got confused because the last time you made a purchase you paid off the bill all at once and this time you wouldn't being doing that, but the salesman did not lie to you, you just misunderstood the actual promotion.


Don't know where you plan on shopping, but no one can offer no payments. Try listening to the news or reading a paper once in a while.

Part of the banking and credit reforms included reqiring minimum payments. The problem many people got into is they didn't have the money to pay the bill in full after 12 months and were faced with a HUGE interest charge.


We are not credit card guru's. this is the only one we have ever had.

We had no idea about this new law. We trusted a Lowes salesmen. who we had bought from before. So yes, the fact is a associate representing Lowes had lied to us.

I am sorry that we are a little old school and trust local people to tell us the truth.

And maybe not like a person who is up and up on all that is going on with credit cards. We have cancelled our card with Lowes and will never deal with a credit card again.


Its okay, your just a ***.


Well there ya go. Ignorance is bliss...or is it?

You always need to be "up and up" on everything that has to do with your money. Better start saving for that deck......


Its not the fact that Lowes lied to you. Yes, they were offering zero percent financing for 12 months but the new laws with all credit cards is that you must make some sort of a payment each month, otherwise you will be charged the full amount. If you own a Lowes credit card, you would have been informed of this 18 months ago.