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We are a flooding victim of hurricane Harvey flooding. Went to Lowe's for our carpet and vinyl flooring needs.

After the fact, I found out that Lowe's has one and only one flooring installation contractor...a company called Keller Interiors, Inc...they are a nation wide company also. Lowe's lets Keller Interiors sub contract flooring installation...in my case...a company called Creative Solutions...who in turn hires sub-sub-contractors to do the actual labor. The Lowe's contractors over measured and over stated both by carpet and vinyl needs by almost 100%...why would they do that you ask?...because the contractors make all of their money on labor installation charges by the square foot, plus any associated installation products they claim they need to do the job. In turn the contractors tell Lowe's the inflated numbers for carpet and vinyl to sell the customer (ME...and I suspect a lot of other people who are not paying attention).

A Better Business Bureau complaint (#520556) has been filed by me against Lowe's Corp in North Carolina (at the advise of my local BBB). The local Lowe's, Store #95, has quit talking to me...while I continue to post on their Face Book page...I suspect because the Lowe's Corp office has been getting exact copies of the FB posts in the RANT & RAVE section of their FB page. 12/1/2017 marked 3 weeks that the BBB complaint has been filed and Lowe's Corp has yet to do anything...and they have stopped their one per week calls to me, wanting to know if I have any new info to report. You think there are a lot of complaints here...take a look on the Lowe's Corp FB page...the RANT & RAVE section...they are loaded up...it takes hours and hours just to wade through a couple of months of complaints.

As of today I have 4 RANTS posted (Clint W). Yesterday 12/1/2017 I went to the local Lowe's store because it is impossible to get any manager on the phone...and I waited 1:20 at the customer service desk for a manager...Jamie L.

(an assistant mgr), that was paged over the store intercom 3 times...he and the actual store manager are avoiding me...I suspect...at the direction of Lowe's Corp...thinking I will just go away. Because Lowe's has one and only one contract for flooring installation...it is like the fox guarding the hen house...there are no checks and balances if the customer has an issue...there is only one flooring contractor that Lowe's has teamed up with.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Flooring Installation Estimate.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: A refund for excess material and labor, and an investigation of their flooring contractor and sub contractors..

Lowes Pros: Front line red vest employees are great and helpful.

Lowes Cons: Local store managers avoiding me.

  • Inflating Customer Needs
  • Selling Unneeded Material
  • Installation Contractors
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For some reason when I posted this Lowe's complaint...it ended up giving them 4 stars...it should be giving them 1 star.