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We purchased a top of the line Frigidaire Gallery French Door refrigerator with dual ice maker for $2,398 in June 2016. Less than 5 months after it was delivered and installed by Lowe's the upper ice maker malfunctioned.

We also purchased a 5-year extended warranty for this major appliance adding to the cost. We called Lowe's when the ice maker stopped working and they sent out a licensed repair company who services Frigidaire appliances. After 8 service calls with different repair companies and numerous parts being replaced (the last part replaced just a week ago) we are calling again that the upper ice maker does not work. Lowe's has refused to acknowledge the fact that they sold, delivered and installed a defective refrigerator.

Frigidaire told us that we should have called them FIRST during the initial one year warranty period. Lowe's does not instruct the consumer to call the manufacturer FIRST. Instead, you are told to contact their Extended Warranty Service Department with people who take your call and don't know anything about the product or manufacture you are calling on. We are now stuck with a lemon that Lowe's refuses to replace after 18 months of taking time off from work, phones calls, scheduling repairs, a multitude of replacement parts that haven't solved the problem.

We purchased 6 major appliances with Lowe's in a 12 month period, all with 5 year extended warranties. We can only imagine what horrors we will be subjected to if any other appliances have problems in the next 3.5 years. Caveat Emptor.

Buyers, go somewhere else to buy major appliances. Shame on Lowe's.

Product or Service Mentioned: Frigidaire Refrigerator.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $2398.

Preferred solution: Replace the refridgerator with a new one .

Lowes Cons: Poor customer service on defective products.

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Ok so you didn’t listen at the time of purchase. You didn’t read the information given to you.

And you didn’t follow ANY of the instructions given to you. How exactly is Lowe’s at fault? They are a retailer. They are NOT the warranty company.

They are NOT the manufacturer. You were told at the time of purchase that for the first year you go through the manufacturer and after the first year is up you go to the warranty company. As supposed adults you know there is ALWAYS a one year warranty on 99% of the non food items sold. Why did you bypass the one process that could have gotten your unit fixed the first time?

There is no way that Lowe’s could have known that FIVE MONTHS after your purchase that YOU were going to have a issue. You attempting to blame them for something they could have ZERO information on. You are assigning blame AND powers they do not possess. They had no way of knowing that five months AFTER they sold it you would have a issue.

YOU made the mistakes, not Lowe’s. You WILLINGLY bypassed the correct way to handle it and now seek to blame anyone else you can think of BECAUSE you know that if you admit that YOU SCREWED UP everyone would see you for the fool you really are. Take some personal accountability for once in your miserable existence. You screwed up.

NOT LOWES! You are simply a victim of the choices YOU MADE. Lowe’s didn’t tell you to bypass the entire warranty process. You chose to do that.

Lowe’s doesn’t have the power of future sight. They couldn’t know!!

They are not the responsible party! But something tells me that you know all of this already and this is yet another desperate attempt to have ANYONE ELSE bail you out for yet ANOTHER poor choice you have made.


Lowe's in Boone, NC sells defective appliances, as I am sure other Lowe's stores do. They have a terrible, impractical service insurance plan that is a scam. The main problem is Lowe's in Boone, NC has very little or no competition.


Lowes knowingly sells faulty appliance. I'm guessing because of the kickbacks for Samsung and other name brands.


Something tells me there is more to your story and you are not giving us the whole truth. As far as I have seen, Lowe’s has no problem replacing defective machines under thier EPP Warranty, as long as the customer follows the terms of the agreement.


Maybe, just maybe, you didn't listen when the associate was explaining the process to you. You make it sound like they singled you out to sell a bad appliance.

Who made the fridge? Be pissed at the manufacturer, not the retail company you ***


It doesn't make any difference where you buy appliances, the manufacturer has a one year warranty and the extended warranties are to cover repairs beyond the first year. You should always contact the manufacturer for repairs during their warranty coverage.

Lowes doesn't manufacturer refrigerators. If you have a defective product it is a manufacturer cutters defect, not a retailers defect.