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I have shopped at Lowe's rather than other hardware stores for many years. My satisfaction with Lowe's has diminished over the last few years for many reasons, but today they lost a good customer.

In the middle of a project today my staple gun died. I went online to see if Lowe's had a specific electric stapler in stock at the closest Lowe's (Bluffton, SC), and they did. So I drove 10 miles to the store and bought the stapler. When I got home and started to open the package, I noticed the blister pack had been opened before and resealed with clear packing tape. It was obviously a return that had been repackaged and returned to the new stock. When I opened the package and plugged the gun into a receptacle, It did not work. It also had no instructions or warranty information.

So I had to drive another 10 miles (each way) to get a replacement. This obviously was not a large purchase, but it speaks volumes about the way Lowe's conducts their business. People who return merchandise do it for a reason, usually because it is defective. Lowe's knows that, yet they try to resell returned goods as new.

So even though this was only a $30 item, how do I know that big ticket items that are returned are not handled the same way? We are planning on buying all new appliances this winter. You can be sure I won't be buying them at Lowe's.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss return, exchange or cancellation policy of staple gun. Lowes needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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This is a troll right?


You have obviously never worked a day in a retail store. People are continually returning items they bought too many of, didn't end up needing or received as a gift.

Return desk people ask if there was a problem with an item and if so it is handled as a defective product, if not it will go back on the shelf.

Stores just don't have time to open every return and test it before putting it back on the shelf. It's not any different at Sears, Home Depot or any other big box store.

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