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After 30yrs. my stove finally bit the dust.

After looking I found what I wanted at Lowe's with FREE (after mail-in rebate) delivery and haulaway. The delivery costs me $79. The free haulaway almost didn't take place, My son-in-law had to go into the attic to lft up the vent pipe from my all in one stove microwave and vent hood, because the delivery men didn't do that. OK I'll give them that they just deliver!

Then, after calling to set up instillation of my new microwave/vent hood they sent a plumber who upon arrival to my home stated"Idon't go into attics." Well I guess not they sent a plumber to install an electrical appliance, and this is their "Professional" instillation. I told the gentleman he could leave, called Lowe's and told them to come pick up their merchandise, went to Sears and bought a venthood and requested that an electrician install it. Sear's sent me a wonderful man, Mark Holly, who installed my vent hood with a little effort and much nice conversatiion, God Bless you Mr. Mark Holly!

Unfortunately I owe Lowe's for my stove, but not for long, that is the first thing I will pay off in 2009.

Merry Christmas to all!

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:) Correction:

Did you mention your Vent Pipe extended into your Attic ?

Yes sending a Plumber :roll


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