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I recently purchased carpet for my home for Lowe's, which included installation. I didn't realize it, but they contract out such work to people who in turn contract with other people to do the work. Lowe's says they require background checks on everyone they send into your house, but in my case that wasn't true.

Two men showed up and I immediately recognized the signs that one was a substance abuser. I had taken the day off to be there while they worked, but in this case I tried to stay in the next room and keep an eye on them.

The fellow who was in charge was nice, seemed to do good work, and as far as I know was trustworthy. The other man was a different story. It was his first time to ever install carpet and his first day working for Lowe's. As I was told later, he was recently released from prison on a drug charge and the installer gave him a job to help him get on his feet.

The man who was the helper spent a lot of the day in our bathroom. He went six times, staying one time for thirty minutes. I later realized he had gone through everything in the bathroom, apparently looking for drugs of which there were none. Later, after they finished one of the rooms, he went back into it and apparently went through everything on the closet shelves. At the end of the day, when I was trying to put furniture back in the room they had finished, I occasionally lost track of him. At one point I found him going through a pair of my pants in a room where he had no business. Later I realized he stole my pocket knife. The worst was that he got into another room, also where they were not working, and stole my sister-in-law's wallet containing her driver's license, credit card, medical cards, and pictures. She realized shortly after they left that her wallet was missing and called to cancel the card. However, he had already been to three stores and used the card for several purchases totaling $90.00.

I called the installer and he recovered the card and license, but not the wallet, medical cards or personal items. The installer dropped these off the next day and also paid for the charges on the card.

I called Lowe's and they asked that I file a police report, which I did. That took a couple hours of my time, plus a trip to the police station, and I doubt anyone ever follows up on it.

Since no one from Lowe's had apologized, the next day I went to the store and asked to speak with the manager. He was pleasant, offered me a $150 credit on my Lowe's card for my trouble, and assured me that Lowe's has a strict policy of requiring background checks on everyone who works for them. I wasn't impressed.

I did my own background check on this crook and discovered he has been in and out of jail since he was 18 in three counties. I found a dozen records: drugs, indecent exposure, drug paraphernalia, burglary, driving with an invalid license, failure to appear, various traffic violations, including dwi; and unsecured child under 8. I couldn't get his records after 2006 but understand that for the last eight years he's continued in and out of jail and prison on various charges, most recently for Methamphetamine. In addition, his wife is currently in prison for drugs. The only good news is that the State of Texas has custody of their children.

I suspect as time goes on we'll realize other things are missing that this thief picked up. What really bothers me, though, is that Lowe's would let someone like this come into my home. It leaves one feeling violated and that Lowe's doesn't really care about their customers. They promote their commitment to customer service, but I didn't experience it. In addition, some of the carpet has already come lose from the tack strips and I'm going to have to have Lowe's send someone out to fix it.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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