Los Angeles, California

I bought a Whirlpool Front Loader from Lowe's May 2009; started having problem with it January 2010. Was fixed (company who fixed it left tool marks on it).

Forward to October 2011, same problem, called Lowes extended warranty service (I purchased a 4 year plan). Company called Fosters Appliance in La Crescenta, CA came out (useless prople). Service guy from Fosters looked at it, didn't do a thing. Excuse -- because the cover was off, it voided the service contract.

Called Lowe's -- basically they will not fix it. I'm stuck with a 2 1/2 year old washer that won't work.

Will never purchase anything from LOWEs again.

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you tried to fix it and could not. you took it apart you put it back together, that simple, or no warranty.


This sucks. I am a servicer and it really is up to me to make or break the repair.

It was the lazyness of the company that came out to say its voided for the top being off.

I would have not allowed that to stop me. Don't blame the company but the servicer that came out that was too lazy to get out of his own way.


WARNING!! Do not buy any protection plans from Lowe's!

I bought a Whirlpool dishwasher here and the control panel started cracking. I called Lowe's because I bought a 4 year protection plan to get it replaced. They informed me that it was COSMETIC and would not be covered. I called to get a replacement and low and behold I have to buy the whole control panel because it's made all together.



they sell junk who and are tryhing to protect the cash they stole from you dumba*s.

You must be some pathetic Lowes spokesman.


So, why was the cover off? Were you attempting to fix it yourself?

Of course this voids the service contract.

You have a service contract and are supposed to let THEM fix it. Not you.