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Had an home addition added on for more room, and wanted a ceiling fan mounted by an electrician who was doing work for us. The fan looked great and worked great for about a year, then this ticking noise started and it kept getting louder and louder, till finally we could not stand it anymore.

Now that it has been about two years, we have a very nice looking fan that ticks loudly when used! I have installed 100.00 fans myself and 30 years later....still working and quiet! Lowe's and Litex industries keep blaming each other, I guess thats the new game! 199.00 dollars , would you buy anything from Lowe's or Litex?

To manufacture a fan with a bad bearing, not recalling them and pretend that every thing is OK, is not the way to run a any company. With all the companiess that are closing, and they remain open?

Monetary Loss: $199.

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I installed four fans last year. Two of them are now ticking. Glad I found this info as I won't now waste a Lot of time trying to figure out what's causing the ticking.


You need to be fully aware that Lowe's is just the retailer, not the manufacturer. Lowe's uses Litex Industries as one of their VENDORS for some of their Harbor Breeze and Allen+Roth ceiling fans.

To make things far more complicated, Litex then uses Bid-to-Low-Cost factories to manufacture their fans, which they later sell to Lowe's for their two private label brands (Harbor Breeze and Allen+Roth). If you need help with any of their fans, you need to contact the toll-free number that's listed on the label on top of the fan's motor housing or the Owner's Manual, that's the first step which will lead you to the right path. If the bearings are bad which is rare, but it tends to happen if the parts use for the assembly are cheaper than dirt, and knowing Litex I'm sure they are, you need to take your complaint with Litex Industries. The motor is warranty to the Original Purchaser for their lifetime period.

Meaning if you are the original purchaser and the ceiling fan was initially installed in your property, it's covered by the years of life you have remaining. That's what "Lifetime warranty" means in the ceiling fan industry.


How dare Lowe's employees not inspect each of the 40,000 products they stock!!! Shame on them!!

Grow up sir!!!


It's because the fan is a Chinese piece of ***. Don't support companies that import 95% of their items from China.

Go to a small, locally owned shop and buy a fan made in the US. You might pay a bit more but it won't *** out after a year.


You have a manufacturer's warranty. They fix any problems, not Lowes.

If the warranty is expired, just buy a new fan and go from there. You have no cause to blame Lowes.

You have to understand the warranties have a time limit on them. You expect too much.


The Harbor Breese is made by Litex Industries has a limited lifetime waranty. If you saved your instruction manual you can read what is / isnot covered.

if you didnot save it, then go to www.LitexCeilingFans.com and download a copy of it.

You need the model number off the top of the ceiling fan in order to get the correct .pdf file. If I was you , I would continue to stay ontop of Litex in order to get a replacement Ceiling Fan.