Roseburg, Oregon

Lowe's corporate never fully underestimated the value of a potential new customer. I'm a business owner having over 75 million in annual sales, recently bought a fourth farm and 2,500 acres.

Yesterday, I went to a local Lowe's for a purchase. I asked their department sales rep for a quote on 300,000 of product at volume discount. He gave me an instant nasty look and said "hey just WTF is this, who are you?" He didn't realize who so I told him, he didn't believe and walked off like an ***. I went to the manager and the employee *** his pants when he discovered who he just blew.

I love it. The United States of America ya must Love it or Leave it!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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*** WAH WAH WAH! Who the *** CARES if you bought some many such and such acres?

Just cause you got money honey doesn't mean you can make us a doormat. Hit the road next time.


Yeah, I totally agree with the posters here. If Mr.

300K came into my Lowes, I'd say "Thank you, sir" and quote him the price i give ALL my customers, whether they spend 300K or $300. And quite frankly, I'd be more inclined to give a break to the poor guy who can only go the $300 than Mr. Deep Wallet who can afford the cost, he just wants to let everyone know how "important" he is, or thinks he is. No doubt he's compensating for something else that's rather small....And yeah, those clowns come into our Lowes EVERY morning, fill up on the free coffee, spill it down their shirts, scratch themselves, then leave to go down to the next home improvement place for their free coffee and doughnuts.

Then ya know what?

by then it's lunch time, more BSing @ McDonalds, tootle around in their pickem up truck and before ya know it, it's quittin' time. Yep....Gotta get home to that 6-pack and get ready to repeat tomorrow morning.


This guy has no job and wants to *** people off and get his FREE cup of coffee. Probably homeless *** with no life


Being a contractor I spend a lot per month there, but then so do a lot of other people. People who toot their own horn and say I spent X amount of money there, didn't, and want people to think they are important.

I am in both lowes and HD nearly everyday, I know the people at both they know me, if you spent that much they would know you too, you lie.

By the way if you were buying 300k of 1 item you would buy directly from the manufacturer, so stop lying and leave us real contractors alone, you just clog up the store, *** off employees and in general make my life harder. Get bent.


I seriously doubt anyone "crapped their pants" and I also question the 300K. I'm willing to bet that you're one of the guys who goes into a Lowes store every morning and tries to beat someone up on a price and then leaves afte your second or third cup of FREE coffee without buying anything.


i hate *** customers who say "i spend $300000 a month in this place!" yeah dude! so ***! it happens everyday...


300k? huh.

Your complaint lacks details. Lowe's stopped selling cattle back in the 1950's, perhaps that is what confused the employee.