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I ordered 17 Pella Windows from Lowe's located in Augusta, Maine. The project specialist, James Squeglia, came to my home and did the preliminary measurement for the window sizes.

Then within a week the installer came to my home and did the final measurements. James gave me a install quote of $101.69 per window. Keep in mind that Lowe's advertises the install cost at $99.00. In any event, I told him to go ahead and order the windows.

He came to my home and brought the papers for me to sign. This where I missed the boat. At the time I was placing a new floor in my family room and was preoccupied. I signed the agreement.

The next day I was reviewing the cost and the installation cost was now $178.38 per window. I called Jim and he told me the increase was due to the level of trim around the windows and the installer said it would be time consuming and would take two and half days to complete the project. Well as usual Lowe's screws up again. The order, I was told was placed on October 06, 2010.

Lowe's messed up and the order was not placed until seven days later. Then I get a call from the installer informing me that he will not be able to install the windows until November 29, 2010 due to his workload. I then called Lowe's and talked to Janet in install and informed her this was not acceptable because I did not want to be installing windows when the snow was flying. Lowe's fortunately had another installer that was located in my home town.

And Janet made arrangements for the windows to be installed in a reasonable manner. I received a call from Janet and she asked if it was okay with me for the replacement installer to install the windows on Sunday. I said no problem. The installer did an excellent job!

What was the consequences? The quote from the first installer was based on two and a half days. The replacement installer replaced all seventeen windows in six hours. This is where I am pissed off.....I was told the increased cost was due the level of trim.

The replacement installer told me that he would have charged $130.00 per window. The monetary damage is about $800.00. This to be was a classic bate and switch. In addition, to the insult to injury Lowe's requires that in order to do the preliminary measurement they require a fee of $35.00.

Which I paid. If you purchase the windows they then give you credit off the final purchase price. On the invoice the credit did no appear. I questioned the credit not appearing on the invoice and was told by James that he adjusted the price of the windows to reflect the credit.

Never happened the credit showed up as .01 cents.

As you can imagine I am not a happy camper. This to me was one big scam.

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This bait n switch seems to be par of their contractor service desk...(any large purchase)....The price match competitors then deliver a inferior product. Lowes claims they operate as such to prevent apples to apples implimentation, But end providing the consumer with rotten apples. Then have a hard time hororing their coupons or rebates...