Bellevue, Nebraska

And they didn't do a good job, either. We had to have them come out & fix their mistakes (the carpet didn't even make it to the wall in one spot).

How do I know they were illegal? Because one left his wallet. No Driver's license. State ID card had one name, Mexican consular ID had a completely different name. Same picture. Lowe's claims they run ID checks - well, it was on the wrong person. And I doubt the guy had a SS# (an ITIN# is ridiculously easy to obtain).

So far Lowe's is doing a major CMA dance. I wish I had thought to photo the ID's. They'll probably get away with it but dang, we're in a recession - there are plenty of legal unemployed folks who could use the work.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

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they are using them in lexington ky. its shameful greed


I have harsh news, and it's unfortunate you were basically swindled.

The reason you found what you found, and were able to put 2 & 2 together is that ID verification is owned by your government. It scrambles behind closed doors to decide who qualifies & who doesn't based on thier own mistakes & greed. They WANT illegals to take these positions simply for THIER own gain, not for the people (especially the ones struggling against the already severely interrupted work system).. It helps keep money flowing into politician's pockets while destroying workmanship...and essentially bringing down educational quality, the job market,and disturbing the economical balances. THIS IS A HUGE FLAW IN OUR OWN GOVERNMENT (and i'm sure you know that).

Thank you for listening & understanding


:( BEST BUY also uses ILLEGAL ALIENS to do installation work for appliances.I was one who lost his job to these illegals.

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