Burlington, Ontario
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We bought 4 gallons of the purple paint turning white. We gave 2 coats of Primer and than 3 coats with that ceiling paint.

It`s discusting. We went back to Lowes and they told us that a representant will call us. 2 weeks later no news! And we had to redo the ceiling all over again.

Bad product and bad services. And the lady told us to use an other kind of paint. Go figure! I cannot believe that they dont`care.

Even if it saying that they warranty their paint and customer! Very bad service, think twice before you go there.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Your experience does not equate with everyone else's experience.

People love Lowes otherwise they would be out of business.

Learn how to spell.

"Disgusting" "Representative"

Phillipsburg, New Jersey, United States #684179

I used that same color change paint. It was the worst paint that I have ever used.

I took it back to lowes. I do like their top of the line paint.


I am sorry to hear about your experience with our product. In most situations you should not have to apply so many coats to achieve proper coverage. I would like to help you but need more information. Please contact me so that we can discuss your situation and help you find a solution.

Direct line: 978-463-2412

Toll Free: 1-800-845-9061 x2412

Thom Dunne

Contact Center Manager



There are many reasons for paint problems, most of which occur because of either surface problems with the area being painted or bad application technique. Not sure what you expect from a large store like Lowe's.

These people are not paint professionals and know next to nothing about the products they sell. They may(or may not)know how to mix it, but that's about it. You should contact Velspar for help.

There is probably nothing wrong with the paint as Velspar is a good paint, tho not premium quality. There is something else going wrong, not the paint.

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