Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

My husband and I ordered a retractable awning for our back porch on June 6th from Lowe's. We were told it would take two weeks to be made and be ready for pickup at the store.

We waited until one day after the due date and called just to be told they hadn't started producing it yet. It was supposed to be delivered today, June 29, nine days late. Today we found out that they lost it! Lowe's brushes us off, the delivery company (R+L Carriers) brushes us off and Awntech (the manufacturer) brushes us off.

Nobody knows where our $1,300 16 foot awning is. Could be in Texas, could be in Ohio. They don't know. They don't seem to wonder why we're so upset.

Now we have to wait the weekend to see if they can even find it. I've asked Lowe's for compensation but the manager never offered voluntarily and really wouldn't talk about it. Don't buy anything big from Lowe's or Awntech or use R+L Carriers. I'll be dealing with Home Depot.

Oh, and it also took five cashiers to figure out how to place an order for this awning when we first went to the store. Hey Lowe's.....how many cashiers does it take to ring up one awning? Stumped....huh? That's okay.....they don't know either.

Seriously, what kind of business ethics is Lowe's trying to carry on. The manager told me this is just the way "corporate America " is now.

Well, if it is, they won't be getting anymore of our money. Be cautions at Lowe's.

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