South Bend, Indiana
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I purchased theh extended warranty for my whirlpool town has bad sulfur water, sooi specifically asked the sales associate will the extended warranty cover sulfur damage, he said of course.

Now we have never used the icemaker, not a single drop in the unit and the piping inside the refrigerator that runs the freon through it is erroding, the service tech says "Sulfur in the air" is corroding the pipes and causing them to leak.

Lowe's considers this "Accidental" damage and won't honor the extended warranty.

I went into a Lowe's in a completely different state thinkin mebbe my lowes techs don't know what the warranty actually covers, and the other tech said the exact same thing that an extended warranty will cover sulfur damage.. So either the techs dont know what their talking about OR the service center is just out to rip people off.

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U need an incoming water fillter...then get a new fridge stop complaining don't blame lowes... So someone told u the wrong thing get over it...

It's like u wanted the warrenty cause u knew u had the problem and wants someone else to pay for it.. Warrentys aren't for stupidity!!!


U really need to get that sulfur problem fixed... Or it will errode all ur plumming and appliances...

Do u really expect lowes to cover something that will just keep happpening if u don't fix the real problem .., I can totally see y they won't fix it and u shouldn't be complaint about something that's ur fault !!! Don't blame lowes blame ur self for being cheap u knew u had this problem and didn't want to get fixed obviously it's pretty bad if ur new appliance went :p