Gloversville, New York

4/16 (wed): ordered a job for replacing 2 windows at Lowe's

4/28 (mon): got a call from Lowe's saying the windows were in and was told installer will call me within 48 hrs

4/30 (wed): 48 hrs had passed but no call !!

5/1 (thurs): called Lowe's and told them nobody called

5/2 (fri): installer finally calls after 96 hrs and after two calls to Lowe's, installer tells me he would call back Monday to set up a date

5/5 (mon): installer never calls !!

5/7 (wed) installer finally calls at 8:30am to schedule install date for Wed (5/14), does not mention time so asked him and was told between 9 and 9:30am

5/14 ( installer does not come and does not even call, so called Lowe's and was told Lowe's will call the installer and that installer will get in touch with me, instead of installer calling me his wife calls and tells me installer was backed-up and will take some more days for install, called Lowe's manager to cancel the install and was told he would credit back the charges to my card.

Conclusion: this installer named Dennis should not work for Lowe's, he does not understand what customer service is, when all his excuses runs out he uses his wife to tell me more excuses

Post Script: store manager named Matt was helpful, offered me discount for another try, so I requested the window installation again....hope it will work this time around with a different installer....if not I will be back here to tell you all about it

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

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16 days had passed from the day Dennis decided not to show up. Another installer came today for install, finally.

He measured the openings and checked against the windows he had brought (originally measured by Dennis and ordered). Guess what? Yup, windows are an inch too tall to fit. So Lowe's will order another pair of windows (what a waste, I mean the other two windows that don't fit).

Dennis must be a head-ache for Lowe's. He is now costing Lowe's quite bit of money. I wonder if Lowe's will charge Dennis for his errors.

I guess it will take another 1-2 weeks for windows to come in. Then the installer will check his schedule for install.

Will the windows be installed by the end of June? If that happens, then the whole process from the initial order to installation would be 2 1/2 months deal.

Oh well. Will update when that happens.


Stop going with Lowe's/Home Depot. They just hire scrub-contractors.


Hire your own contractor. That way you will know who you are dealing with rather than who ever Lowes hires for you.


Had past dealings with Lowe's for installations with no complaints. If this one does not work well, I will not use them again.

For now I don't want to blame the entire crew of Lowe's for one bad apple (installer).

Gotta give them a chance to correct their mistakes. We'll see!