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We spoke to 2 Lowe's higher ups making sure that a dryer we order would be installed and side vented by their installation crew. Called the national line and were assured this was the case. The national person put us in touch with the manager of the local store. Same story - Lowe's will install and side vent the dryer and have it running before they leave.

Crew arrives and states flatly we arent allowed to install as a side vent. They will not punch out the side or change the configuration from back to side.

This is a total bate and switch statement by Lowe's that has left me stuck with installing the dryer.

Consumer reports will hear about this and you should beware if you have to have your dryer side-vented. Lowe's has not lived up to what they advertise or what we inquired about specifically

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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The problem isn't bait and switch, but the installers themselves. Truth be told, all Lowe's installers are private contractors hired by the company.

When I say hired, it's more accurate to say given jobs. Lowe's doesn't pay them directly.

In any case while the store and home office may have said yes they'd install it, the installer themselves may have had policies against it. Call the customer support line and leave a note about this, and see if they can find a different installer.