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I received a letter stating that Lowe's had lowered my credit limit to basically my balance. The letter stated that I owed them too much LMAO.

I have NEVER missed a payment or paid late. I have rental property and have to rely on my Lowe's card at certain times. I asked for my credit limit to be restored to the original limit and they refuse. I will pay off this card and cut it up.

I wonder if Home Depot would appreciate my business?? Bye bye Lowe's

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Credit Card.

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There are many factors the the banks look at to determine credit worthiness(see post below). Check your credit report and see what has changed.

The banks are in the business of, and want to lend you money. They wouldn’t lower your credit limit unless there was something that popped up on your credit report that showed you were a higher risk.

This is true even if you had always paid that credit card on time. Chances are, The Home Depot card would give you the same, if not a lower, credit limit.


How could Lowes lower your credit limit when you don't have an account with them? Your account is with an independent credit company that issues a card to be used at Lowes.

The same will be true of Home Depot so don't pull the I'm running to Home Depot BS. There has obviously been a change in your credit rating if they lowered your limit.


Wow!! I understand that the card is issued by an independent bank but the card and the bill both say LOWE'S.

The store where I used the card is called LOWE'S. As for the "pulling the run to Home Depot BS" I'll spend my money any damn where I choose.

How could there be a change in my credit rating with LOWE'S when I have never missed a payment or had a late payment?!?! I guess you didn't bother to read THAT part of my comment though, did you??


Your credit rating can change for a number of reasons. Have you opened other credit accounts?

Has the total amount you owe on credit cards or other loans increased since you opened your account? Has your income changed? All of these things have a bearing on your credit rating and when you opened your account you would have seen a lot of fine print on the application which included the fact that they may from time to time check your credit and adjust your limits accordingly. Check your FICO score with the different credit rating companies and look at your credit report.

Has it gone up or down? If there is an error work with the credit reporting companies to correct it. Of course you have the right to spend your money any where you want. Just be aware that when you open a credit card at Home Depot the account will be with an independent credit company that issues a card with Home Depot on it that can only be used at Home Depot.

Home Depot will have nothing to do with your credit limits. Your real complaint (valid or not) is with the credit company and not the store where their card is used.


your card says lowes but its rules and standard policy is with syncrany bank