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We order carpet from Lowes Nov. and they are s'pose to put it in Dec. 4th, I get a call Dec. 4th AFTER I had to hire extra people to get the remodel done by Dec. 4th, telling me that they don't have the carpet and they will have to schedule it for Dec. 22. I wish I had know before hand that they weren't going to have it, I wouldn't be out $2000.00 for the extra people.

Alright so they reschedule it, I'm fine with that *** happens. But when Dec. 22 rolls around they are s'pose to be there at 8:00 am. I get there at 7:30 am. to open up the house for them, they don't arrive until 1:00 pm. work till 5:30pm, but you can bet your *** that they got paid for a full 8 hrs. that day.

They tell me ok will finish it the next day, this job should of been done by 1 or 2 in the afternoon, if that it wasn't that big of a job. So Dec. 23 I get there at 7:00am, they are s'pose to be there at 7:30 am, again they don't show up untill 11:00 am, now I'm s'pose to go on vacation with my family for the holidays on the 24th, X-mas eve. Instead I was stuck working.

So Dec. 24th they are s'pose to be here to finish the job, all they had left to do was the stairs 2-3 hours max. Again they are s'pose to be there at 8:00am, but this time they call me at 4:30pm telling me they had truck problems and this and that, then tell me they need to pick up there tools and go back to this other job they are doing. Uh huh. So they show up about 5 get there tools and leave. now I was waiting there from 7:30 am till 5:30pm and the carpet isn't finished, by this time I'm pissed. So then I get a call from Lowes wanting me to sign off that the job is completed, so this guy can get paid. Naturally I go to Lowes and start talking to the managers and supervisors about this whole deal. Also, I have the owner of this house who is also pissed, shes a 77 yr old lady and shes not happy at all, so I go down to Lowes and file a complaint about this, then one of the people I talked to thought it was terrible that I had filed a compliant, and got an attitude with me on the phone. So I have my office lady call back and get her managers name. She gets an attitude with my office lady as well. So my vacation is pretty much ruined, so we didn't go. So then the people at Lowes finally get on this guys *** and he calls Dec. 28th wanting to finish it, now I had started a job out of town, lucky for this guy it was too cold to pour concrete. So now I call him about 12, telling him ok I'm at the house so you can finish. He is s'pose to be there about 12:30-1:00 he shows up about 2, he finally finishes the job, and leaves all his trash and scraps for me to clean up even though he is s'pose to hual it all away. So in this thing I'm s'pose to have finished the trim and such, I have to come back the next day to finish up what I should of had done the 23rd.

Now I'm out my money and time, while that carpet guy got paid for being late and lazy. If he would of showed up alteast once on time he would of been done. Thats not how you run a business.

dont use an installer by the name of wayne bell,that works at lowes in show low az.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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I also had a very poor job done by the same installer,they damaged my walls,used red chalk to make lines to cut the carpet that won't come off, never cleaned up after they installed it. sorry outfit for just being in our area for 2yrs.that run the small guy out.that had pride in there work.


I wish you knew how to spell. That is all.