Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Lowes store manager DOM in Severn Maryland never took basic people skills trainning!He is rude and speaks down to people.He should be lucky to have a job! How does a person like Dom become a store manager?

I had a problem with a very large kitchen and flooring install. Since he elected to NEVER return any of my several calls I had everything returned and took my money and went to Home Depot. I had the best service EVERY!

There were several employees that had nothing good to say about Dom. I will never return to Lowes as long as that poor excuse for a manager is there, cause that tells me that they dont care about there customers anymore.

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They have a manager of some sort at this store that likes to push you to the point of leaving the store, he is weird to the point of just being all over you. You would think they would have gotten rid if this person by now.

I have never had this type of thing happen at any other store before all they have to do is ask if I need any help and just leave me alone afterwards instead of being all over me.

Is this the new Lowes way of doing things!!! You just lost my business at this store.


Funny, the store manager in Hannibal, MO has some serious people skills issues as well. He acts like he's God's gift to customers until you make your puchase then, once your money's in his pocket, he won't give you the time of day.

He'll be down right rude as *** to you.

I returned all my purchases for a flooring job and took my money to Home Depot. Ian Butler can kiss my ***.


This web site is for poorly treated people like you. Trust me, your not the only one.

Thank goodness for websites likwe & Go right too the source!

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