Dayton, Ohio
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It only took me 3 months working at Lowes to realize the place was seriously screwed up. I was always on time, never asked for schedule change, didnt come in with hang over, didnt call in, worked garden as waterer AND loader. While those around me? OMG, dept asst I guess, came in with alcohol still on breath, looking like ***, if she came in at all, or was on time, others always asking off, changing schedule to suit them. MOD's never said a word about it. What did I get for being a good employee, HA, first all nights, then hours cut. And forgot to mention the dept manager that had no business being a manager of anything except a pound maybe, the guy has no ppl skills. We started to think he may be bipolar, the way he would go off on ppl for no reason. And again, MOD could care less. Ive worked at some *** places in my life, but this one takes the prize.

I really should have known, I use to go in there every now and then to shop, and thought then, how rude the ppl were that worked there, IF you could find someone. I realize they may get that way after years of abuse from higher ups.

However I found myself in need of a job, and thought, well I'll give it a shot. I could see from the first day, after walkin through and saying GOOD MORNING to various employees and them barking back at me, it was not going to be smooth sailing....

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Wun, I dint no the speling polees were gona b on heer, to, I not a editor, so I dint go back and proof read, if thats all you could grasp from wut was said, ur the wun that has issuus


Holy ***, people! Learn to spell or get a spell-check!

Jesus! Uneducated ***!



Agitation or irritation


Inflated self-esteem (delusions of grandeur, false beliefs in special abilities)


Little need for sleep


Noticeably elevated mood




Increased energy


Lack of self-control


Racing thoughts


Over-involvement in activities


Poor temper control


Miss Elvira

You know, I was about to write a nice comment on how I agree, stated he "We started to think he may be bipolar, the way he would go off on ppl for no reason" That really pissed me off. Apparently you know nothing about the disorder and just proved you are uneducated which gave your complaint no validity.

Grow up and quit complaining about other people.

Do your job, do your best, and work hard. - the end


Hey just wanted to say I had a similar experiance and was screamed at and harrased by The lady working in human resourses on my 5th day of work because the address on my driving licence was difforent than the address i was living at because I had just moved and didnt have the money yet to get it changed and she called me a liar and said she was going to notify homeland security the next day I just came in and gave them a copy of my new licence with correct address and my 2 weeks notice and quit...lowes is ran like a circus..