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I just purchased my first home and went to Lowes in Meriden, CT on Sunday at approximately 6 pm. I chose paint colors from their paint wall and ordered paint to be picked up first thing the next morning.

When I arrived at the store the next morning I was told the store had been closed and denied entry. I was directed to another Lowes. I drove to the other Lowes and proceeded to the paint counter to explain my situation. I was then told by the man behind the counter that I would have to wait 15 mins before he could help me as I was "not a priority." I wandered around for the 15 mins and then went back to the counter.

I gave the man the paint swatches from the Lowes wall in Meriden and asked that he make the colors in a gallon. I also had the sample size jars of the paint with me and the color codes on them. He proceeded to mix the first gallon and when it was showed to me it was not even close to the color I chose. The man sighed but agreed it was not the color.

He told me he had to help the other customers and then could try my paint again. So I was again sent away for 15 mins to wander the store. I found a manager and explained my situation and my concern with the situation I was presented with. He assured me they would take care of it and led me back to the paint counter.

The man then attempted to mix my paint, which I remind you is a Valspar Lowes paint color. Again the color does not even come close to the swatch or the sample. At this point the man tells me they will have to do a custom color match through the computer and that once again I need to go away and come back in twenty minutes this time. I once again agreed as I needed the paint because the painters were already at my house waiting on me to bring the paint.

The man tried a third time to make the paint which once again did not come out correct. At this point the man told me I was being "difficult" and that it was close and I should just "deal with it." To this the woman behind me stood up and told the man the color was not even close and that I was not being "difficult." At this point I went to the customer service desk and again asked to speak to the manager. He came back out and told me the man at the paint counter was a master and he was the only one who could do it so that was obviously the best color I could get. They were not at all helpful and at this point it had been almost 4 hours since my Lowes ordeal began at the first Lowes store.

I was so upset that I walked out of the store and found a Home Depot. I explained my situation and in 10 minutes I had my paint prefectly matched and was on my way!!!!!!

I will forever be a Home Depot customer after this experience!!! AVOIDS LOWES at all cost!!!!!!!

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Ihad the same problem tonight with paint dept. I wanted a valspar SHADE in Olympic and dept manager would not eve try to match the SHADE.

She told me NO that she could not do that and if i wanted that color i had to buy it in valspar. Huh??? I went two days ago and bought a gallon there of valspar paint shade in olympic paint with no problem why now do i have a manager give me grief!! I dont want valspar i want olympic I dont want valspar tomato red I want a SHADE close to it in Olmpyic why is that so hard.

I guess I will take my business to sherwin williams or home depot.

Sucks cuz i really like olympic paint but i will be darn if i give lowes any of my business now! :(


I'm having a paint issue with Lowe's right now that I'm hoping to have resolved tonight. I do not like Valspar paint, but I do like Olympic that they carry. I've always been able to get Valspar colors mixed in Olympic paint. I understand that it might not be exact, but as long as it is close, I'm fine with it.

There is a color of pink I want for my dining room. It is very pale, but definitely pink. Got a sample mixed in Olympic last week and it was almost perfect. I went yesterday to get a gallon mixed. It was hard to tell wet, but it looked close. I get it home and start painting, it comes on a gray-tan color. Not even close to pink.

I took a picture of the color next to the sample of the supposed same shade painted on the wall and you can tell even in a cell phone picture, it is not even in the same ballpark. I called last night and talked to a guy that said bring it in and they can mess with it and fix it.

So I went back in this morning and I explained that I like the lightness of the color, I wanted a very pale color, just a color that was clearly pink and not gray or tan. I pointed out again before he worked with it that I wanted a very light color.

He takes it behind the counter, pinks with it, and shows me the result. My supposed pale blush is now close to hot pink. I tell him WAY too dark and he works with it again. A little lighter, but still nowhere close to being close. Then a girl comes over and works with it. It's now a salmon mess.

She then says well I should have just gotten the Valspar in the first place. Besides the fact that I hate the thickness and sheen of Valspar it's $12 more per gallon. I told her I can't stand the consistency of Valspar and that I understand it might not be an exact match I just wanted something slightly close.

I left with my salmon paint and tried it. It's the worst yet. I'm going to try to get a manager tonight and see what can be done.


There is no such thing as a 'paint master'. The people who work in Lowe's paint department are merely employees who have received a bit of extra training (mainly to learn, via computer, how to operate the machinery within that department specifically) and most of them opted to transfer out of the front end/cashiering department to avoid dealing with customers anymore than they absolute have to. It's absolutely ridiculous.