Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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i was spotting someone on the forklift and a customer came threw the blockers and i told him to give us a minute to take something down for a other customer.The customer got upset and stared to cruse at my so i told him that there is no need for that and that we will bring the forks down down so he can grab what he needs after i said that he got more upset then he spit on my face so before he could he could spit at me again with one hand i grab his shirt and the other hand i covered his mouth so he couldn't do it again cause i don't know what he has i didn't want to get sick.One someone spits at u that is considered assault that means someone could come in there and hurt u and u cant do anything about it, Lowes is wrong for not trying to protect there employees

Monetary Loss: $600.

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I would have knocked his *** out!


Well said Tasha.


i once had a customer spit on the call button at the ope desk. i told him to *** off and management backed me when i explained what happened...although later on i got a complaint, but my store took care of me for once ha

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