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I've been remodeling my home now for about 1 1/2 years. So as one would figure I have purchased several items over the course of time. At one time I thought highly of Lowe's and felt they put there customers first. My past few experiences with Lowe's is about as frustrating as one can get. It's got to be somewhat of a joke with my friends and family, so I decided to share my story with you.

I like to start this experiences with buying three grills (register type) on line. I went to your online store because what I wanted were non-stock items. They were grills (also known as registers) that accept a filter. I needed three of them, two of which I had shipped directly to your store and one I had to have shipped to my home. There was no choice to have it delivered directly to the store as the other two, doesn't make sense to me but I guess that's your call. My packaged arrived in two days at my home. I was soon called by Lowe's (by some automated system) that my order had arrived there. I went to my local Lowes stores, went to the service counter, told her my name and order number. She called I believe your receiving dept. They couldn't find the order, soon I left without my grill (register). I was called again by the "automated system," the next day or two. I went to Lowe's and behold they found my order this time. The person in the receiving must of been the same person as the previous time I was there, they told me the first time they were looking for a grill (the type used on patio's). Ummm.

My second experience gets better yet. I again ordered online, $1,000 worth of unfinished cabinets. My ordering experience went fine. I even received a confirmation just like my other order I had make a few weeks earlier. The cabinets were in stock and I received confirmation rather quickly that the order was ready for pickup. I didn't have time due to my schedule to pick them up the next day so it was about three days before I could get into Lowe's. During that time my wife said our credit card was charged twice for the charges. She called Lowe's and discussed the error. Lowe's said the first and second charge was some sort of a hold and our credit card wouldn't be charged until we picked up our order. I went into Lowe's to pick up my order. Went up to the service desk gave them my name and order number. The associate called to the rear of the store to retrieve my order. As my luck has it with Lowe's, the order hadn't been pulled. They said I could come back the next day or wait. I decided to wait. I went back to the place where the unfinished cabinets were. I waited, I waited, I thought maybe they have them stocked somewhere else. I went back up front. The associated again called back to someone. Whoops he forgot. I went back to the cabinet area (where they are stocked). I seen that an associate was coming with a paper in his hand. Remind yourself this is a $1,000 order, so it's more than a cabinet or two. He leaves and comes back with one cart. I ask if he needed a couple more, he said he couldn't find any. So off I went, I ended up going outside to find two more. When I got back he had only two cabinets on the cart, both of which had damaged fronts. After a little discussion pertaining to customer service and satisfaction I think he understood my discontent in his choice of cabinets, when there were others to choose from with no apparent damage. After sometime we finally got all the cabinets on three carts. The associate asked another associate to assist us in getting all three carts to the front of the store. Two of the carts were reasonably full the third overly full. Guess what two carts they (the associates) grabbed. Here I am getting a little more upset trying to negotiate my way through the store. We finally make our way to the front by the cashier, they both said here you go and walked away. Now what? I thought to myself. So one by one I get them up the cashier. I showed my receipt and told her about the possible double charge, she said you ordered these twice online, my response was no I didn't. I ask her then why didn't I get duplicate confirmations online? I also told her that we also called the Lowe's customer service and they told us there were no charges on our card just holds. The cashier straightened things out and I did end up getting a credit for one of the charges. Now it's time to leave and the cashier asked if I needed help. I told her yes and that I couldn't get all these carts out at one time and I also told her that I didn't feel like waiting a long time for an associate to help me. At times waiting on one of your associates can be extremely long. I did get some help without a lengthy wait though. We loaded the cabinets up and I was on my way home. When I unloaded the cabinets at home I noticed three of them were missing shelves. I went back to Lowe's the following day to explain my issue. The associate at the desk told me to go back and get the shelves I needed out of the cabinets in stock. I looked at her in disbelief, I told her that was uncalled for and what about the next person that purchases those. I ask if she had a customer service number for Continental Cabinets she didn't so she sent me back to the cabinet department. They did we called and I talked to a Continental representative, problem solved and I received my shelves two days later by UPS.

My third resent experience is a little different than the first two. We were looking for a new countertop for our cabinets. I noticed that Lowe's had some on sale which were a little cheaper in cost than the one my spouse picked out at our local Menard's. I went to see what they looked like. The cabinet associate explained which colors and styles were on sale. He specifically said the ones with the felt dot on them are the ones on sale. I looked at the ones with the felt dot attached and found a few similar to the one my spouse picked out. Not being sure I went back home and told my wife about it. We went a couple days later, she liked one of the colors, so we decided we would order from Lowe's. It was five till 9 PM, and know one was around, we waited a little bit then left. We went back a few days later, the counter-tops were still on sale. We found an associate, a different one from my first visit at the countertop area. My wife showed her the one we wanted, she said that one wasn't on sale. I explained to her what the first associate had told me. She responded by saying well it's not, and that the first associate didn't know what they were saying. She removed the felt dot on the one we had agreed upon and said you'll have to pick out another color. I was ready to walk out of the store and go back to Menard's. My wife insisted we pick one of the colors on sale. I said okay but still I was frustrated, my wife decided on one of the other colors. We purchased one of the countertop's that was on sale July 29, 2011. We were told we would be contacted by your outside contractor and it would most likely be installed within two weeks. Our countertop is schedule to be installed tomorrow August 25, closer to a month but who's counting.

I know three poor experiences shouldn't deter a person from shopping at a store, but I am honestly fed up with your associates!! Lowe's needs to start a program educating there employee's on what customer service is all about.

When I sent this to Lowe's all I heard was that I hope we can serve you better next time.

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