Atlanta, Georgia

Speaking about Lowes in Thomasville,Ga. Poor service!

went in to get building supplies for bathroom remodelling .purchased several thousand of dollars.Could not get any help to get items needed in plumbing department to answer my questions. Nor could I get help getting the items to counter and no one assisted getting things loaded,no one said if you put this on your Lowes Card you could get another 5% discount. That would have been a good amount of savings!What does Lowes teach when hired?You need to teach the consumer pays your wages!

Try to help them more.Also on the display was some matching assosories,towel rack tissue dispensery etc. no more in stock .We ask if we could have the one's on display and was told no.Wanted you top buy more expensive products that would not match.

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Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States #1333661

Seems like you must have had good enough service to be willing to spend several thousand dollars there. If the service was so bad, why did you spend your money there instead of walking out the door and going elsewhere?

big ben

when these employees get hired, they get taught not to deal with people like you

big ben

Nobody cares how much u spent. every customer spends thousands.

load it yourself lazy person.the vendor probably owns that display.

you whine a lot. shop at home depot

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