Dayton, Ohio
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My husband and I are a younger couple. He is 25 and I'm 23 and we have two young boys.

We went into Lowe's when we first bought our house so we could buy a mower. There was an older guy working in that area. He was taking care of an older couple so we waited patiently for him to get done with them. Meanwhile another older couple walked up and started looking around.

The employee seen my husband and I when we first walked up and when he was done with that first couple he went straight over to the other older couple. So we decided to wait till he's done with them. We had found the mower that we wanted and was standing by it and waiting for him. When he was done with that couple he looked at us and walked away.

It was like we were young with children so he didn't think we could afford a mower like that. Little did he know we had every penny of it!! So we called and complained to the manager. The manager said he would talk to him but never tried to get us to come back in to buy the mower.

Don't think he really cared either. So we went to Home Depot to get one and the customer service there was AMAZING!!

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Next time use your youth! Wear something slutty and sling that thang girl.

Then I'll bet you will get attention.

Unless you are a fatty....then keep it covered up.


First of all when we are standing there and we watch the other couple walk in to the door and over to there, no they didn't ask him for help and why would we stand there and wait for him to get done with the one couple and not want help?? It is his job considering he noticed us to take care of us. We should not have to go hunt him down to get customer service!!!


This is a first. Complaining because you think you got ignored because you are younger.

Let me help you out some. Did you attempt to get his attention besides just stand there? He probably figured you didn't need anything since you never said anything to him. I highly doubt he was ignoring you because of your age.

Wouldn't surprise me if both the older couples asked him for help first, the part you failed to do. But you have to come on here because you feel like you've been wronged for being young, LOL LOL


You probably look like white trash, get used to that kind of service.


Who are you to tell anyone how they look unless you personally know them? Or is it how you look and you're playing it off to others looking like that bahahahahah !!!

ok now come back saying how well built you are on and on ! grow up bobby !