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The people at store 0719 in California md are rude head cashier Darlene and shanika are rude and don't want to do any work I asked them to help me with my purchase they rolled their eyes and started talking to other countries workers I will never come in Lowes again because of there level of rudeness

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You can't expect the cashiers at any store to leave their register to either help you shop or load your purchase. They are there to check out customers and walking away from the register leaving the cash un-attended would be a security risk as well.

Keep in mind you are shopping in a big box store rather than a full service store. If you need help, look for someone on the sales floor to help you.

to Anonymous #1611821

I was talking about the ignorance of them not asking them to leave the register just wanted them to guide me in the right direction I was asking for good customer service clearly they lack those skills I wouldn't expect them to leave the register to help me I just expect them to have class .

to Anonymous #1612239

Yes, because when I think of Lowe’s, I think of “Class”! Especially from a barely over minimum wage cashier.

How about you class up your posts with some punctuation. These run on sentences are very ignorant and rude to the reader.

to PCFL2592 #1612458

I don't have to use punctuation for a post this is my opinion if you don't like what I'm saying get off this post you just as ignorant as the two ladies working there a post don't need punctuation it can run a d run until I run you out this post you not worth my time or energy so bye felicia

to PCFL2592 #1612474

How bout you comment on the situation and not my grammar you clearly ignorant for not reading the situation and giving the proper imput

to PCFL2592 #1612486

I can’t keep up. Who is Felicia?

Was she rude to you as well? Or was it just Darlene and Shanika who rolled thier eyes and walked away from you?

to Anonymous #1612874

Both of them shanika and Darlene were rude you weren't understanding that I was frustrated of the service they gave me so I said bye Felicia it's an expression used when someone isn't getting the point. I was did respected by them and they provided terrible customer service that's all I have to say

to Anonymous #1613399

Bye Felica actually means "get out *** High levels of disrespect associated with such a term. You will never receive respect if you are a disrespectful person yourself.

to Get educated #1613514

You are missing the point of the situation so I'm done the situation occurred it's done and over moving on

to Get educated #1613518

U disrespectful and dumb nobody asked u for your opinion

to Get educated #1613534

Yes... I always find the ones complaining about someone being disrespectful, are usually the ones who are the most disrespectful themselves.

to Anonymous #1613437

Why would you expect a cashier to know where everything in the store is located?

to Anonymous #1613517

Nobody said anything about cashier knowing where an item is the post was about asking for help with purchase and the service by associates are bad so I'm done you are completely missing the point

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