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I've purchased two lawn mowers and two *** wackers and have paid out of pocket approx. 200.00 to repair at a lawn & garden repair store.

I purchased a *** wacker in the late fall of 2011. I've owned it about 6 mo and used it 4-5 times before our landscapers begin in the spring and after they're done for the season in the fall. I only use it to clean up a couple areas for approx. 40 min.

each time.

On 03/17/12 I took it out to simply hit a couple areas of high grass bc my guys do not begin to cut for a couple of weeks. I am going out of town tommorro and wanted to use it the day before leaving. After trying to start it with fresh gas and oil it would start run about 30 seconds and turn off. I brought it to lowes and spoke to the lawn & garden guy who instructed me to take it upfront to a mgr.

and tell him I simply wanted to exchange it tooday bc I needed to use it. He was extreamly rude and had a *** attitude. He said they prob don't sell that one now and he would send it out and I would have to pay the repair cost. So Lowes policy is, We promise it'll work for 30 day then it's a *** shoot.

I complained again and explained how little I used it & why and he just stared at me and said, anything else I can do for you? I said yes give me a product that work's. He just looked at me and said I can't help you with a smile on his face. I went home and called Lowes they took my complaint and promised they would help.

Another store Mgr. called me only bc he had to and told me to call the manufacture an good luck.

I have spent over twenty thousand in the past years doing major work in my home, They just lost a customer for good.

Don't purchase lawn & garden products bc they won't stand behind it!

Monetary Loss: $13.

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When you find a store that sells power lawn and garden equipment with a longer than 30 repair of exchange policy please post it here so we all can know about it.


Typical consumer arent you? 6 months?

I gather you have bought a new car or two in your life? So it has an issue at 6 months old do you take it back to the dealer and demand a new car to replace it? No you call and the manf warranty kicks in and they repair it. Just because you wanted to use it right now does not matter.

The policy is 30 days return or exchange and after that they get sent out for repair. It has nothing to do with the store you *** read your paperwork and try using your brain once and awhile.


you ever notice how the comment goes for the lowes store/employee?? so makes you wonder if someone that works for lowes writes these..


Nearly all the string trimmers have a limited 2 year warranty. You WERE well beyond Lowes 30 policy! Sorry, you are in the wrong here!


Always best to either drain the tank or use Stabil. That way they usually start in the spring after sitting all winter.