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Dec. 19, 2015,

I went to Lowe's here in Goose Creek, S. C.

Needed help to put up a Christmas lights outside my house:)

Asked for an electrician and I met Todd??? Told him my problem. Needed an adapter for my lights. Helps so can have a Christmas tree in my neighborhood:-)

First he was trying to help me pretendingly, along with your other employee named Sharon, who kept looking at her watch:-)

I didn't get any efforts from him, or any help, any suggestions, any solutions perhaps!, zip!!

Instead he just left me without saying this " I am sorry but I can't help you.

So rude and no help at all.

I was so disappointed and made my mind not to shop at Lowe's anymore.

I thought you were there ready to help us.

Perhaps, he was tired and overworked,? but still he shouldn't show me the negative attitude.

I did say thank you;-) and said goodbye to him when I left your store:)

Maybe, he needs more Orientations, more customers relationship care training.

Please, remind him that without the customer he don't

have a job.


L. R. Thompson


Goose Creek, S. C.



Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You weren't by chance looking for a male to male a/c adapter or a female to female one were you? Dumba55.