Novato, California

I was looking for led bulbs on the internet after Christmas for deals. Lowe's $.99 a bulb 60 watt replacement.

I got to store they say it was black Friday that was weeks ago I told they should take that off the internet I drove 60 miles to get these bulbs. I thought I could trust the computer for amount and stock. But to my dismay the next day same thing in my search for led bulbs after I told the, they should remove their store from the search.

America has lost its edge Lowes doesn't care the business comes in lie cheat and steal! This the 3rd strike for me never again for Lowes I know when people just want to take your money they don't care how they get it!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Replacement.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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sounds like what happened to me but i knew it was my fault.

my browser had a saved page for home depot showing their black friday deals when i thought i was online checking out that weeks sales.

went to the store and found out obviously the items i wanted, a shop vac and some others, were in fact NOT on sale. i checked their website on one of their terminals and the correct page showed.

when i got home i realized that my laptop had somehow become disconnected from the wifi and i was in fact looking at a cached page. once i fixed that issue, the hd page reloaded with the same page i had just seen in the store.


You can't remove yourself from 'searches' on the internet. Search engines cache and save pages and information.


This is your fault. Call the store and confirm stock before driving 60 miles (who does that?) to save a few cents on some light bulbs.


I completely disagree - we have come to depend on ecommerce - it should be accurate, we should be able to trust it. But more important, if the website advertised it at that store, the store should have provided a comparable product at the same price - otherwise it seems very much like false advertising to me.