Dallas, Texas
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I had a call from Lowes today wonting to give me a $200.00 dollar gift certificate for NOT fixing the stain on the stairs,due to cost to them,LOWES wonts me to sign the wavor.I think Im worth more then that.Its not just the gift certificate worth $200.00.Its the pride they should be taking in their contractors,and maybe checking their work regardless how good they are.I think they need to take care off there mistakes,and atlest try to fix it.Iv been fighting with them since last March,and thats what they came up with a $200.00 dollar gift certificate for LOWES'

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You could tell them that once they have fixed the stain, then you will also take the $200 gift certifcate as well. And that you will not complain to the BBB if they fix the stain and give you the gift certificate.

Stick to your guns - they should be coming in a fixing the stain at whatever cost to them. Don't look at it as "fighting". Just hold them to good business ethics. Be kind, be patient, be longsuffering....

and then be thankful when they do it. Maybe back them a batch of cookies with the money they gift you (or rats, I don't think they sell cookie dough) (maybe a batch of nuts and bolts) (maybe just ask them for cash - that way you can shop somewhere else....)