Miami Beach, Florida

I recently had a modular building built. Decided I did not like the windows the manufacturer offered and decided to upgrade to windows and doors thru Lowes.

Knowing the item numbers I called Lowes to get the rough openings -

Every one of the measurements they gave me was wrong.

And Lowes will do nothing. Now I have to pay a carpenter to redo every window and door opening to accommodate the sizes I need.

Loses obviously hires idiots who cannot read, do not train their people, and have managers who don't know how to run a business.

A $9k order will go elsewhere -

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You call a store for THEM to give YOU the rough opening sizes?? You must have skipped the part where you had a Lowe's employee or installer take a measure of your windows, because that would be the only way they could give you sizes.

If that's not the case, then you must not have read one of the fine prints of carpentry that unless there is an actual person standing in front of your window with a tape measure, then no sizes can be gotten.

By the way, I want to upgrade my flooring from hardwood to carpet.

I know what I want, so can I call you so I can find out how much carpeting Im going to need?? :x


Yes lowes hires idiots to help idiots like you. Since we are on the topic of Idiots riddle me this *** man.

What kind of *** can not read a tape measure and calls on the phone to order a special item? You guessed it boys and girls the *** Miami Florida.

So let this be a lesson for all the idiots out there Use your head for something other than a hat rack you ***.

Signed a Lowes hired ***.

Serving idiots like you because thats who we are and thats who we care about. You ***.


But you already had the rough opening sizes, it was your building. take those sizes to order your special order windows.

Same at any retail window store.

Windows off the shelf have the sizes on them for you to read. special order windows come from your specs.

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