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I was told at a Lowes retail store that non-service dogs are allowed in their stores so long as they have a leash. I explained that I am allergic to dogs and allowing more dogs in the store is bad for me and that I will no longer shop there if this is really the policy.

They told me it was a corporate policy. I have contacted the corporate headquarters who confirmed this. Lowes has just lost a customer and I will now buy my products via Amazon.

I guess they like dogs more than having customers. Funny that they sell allergy filters in the store but don't do anything to eliminate the allergen problen in their stores.

Reason of review: They want dogs not customers in their store.

Preferred solution: Change your dog policy to allow only service animals..

Lowes Cons: Allow non-service dogs in store.

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Perhaps everyone can do the original poster a favor and leave their dogs in a hot car in hopes that the dog will die and there will be one less dog in the world to torment this person. Considering the poor behavior of some children, perhaps this person would also like for ill-mannered small children to also be kept in the hot car in hopes that the child will die. For the poster who worries about her child having a fear of dogs, Lowes should have a policy of allowing anyone in that situation to call ahead to Lowes to insist that all service dogs be banned from the property for the duration of that customer's visit.


So you don’t have a house to leave your dog at? You have to bring your dog everywhere?


Allergies aside, not everyone is a dog lover. Its estimated that btwn 12 and 30% of people have some range of fear of dogs.

Because my daughter had a fear of dogs as a child, and I was viciously attacked as a child myself, am very sensitive to people who are afraid of dogs. I love bringing my dog places but I don't love it enough to make other people uncomfortable. I think its much less burden on people who have dogs , to leave them home, than for people who have serious fears to have to shop with them around. I'd like to add that the fear doesn't have to be unreasonable.

Too many dog owner's are idiots, don't train their dogs and cannot control their dogs and have dangerous dogs. I love dogs and love to meet dogs in my travels, but I am a realist, as well.

People suck and their dogs can be a reflection of that. Good dog owners know this about other dog owners and don't kid themselves.


You need to have realistic expectations. Their utilitarian pet policy will not be changed for one customer, sorry.


They are not going to change corporate policy for you. Get real .


The dogs aren't in your house or in a confined space with you. If you can't handle encountering dogs in public places have you talked to your doctor about medication to help with your problem? I'd much rather encounter a well behaved pet in a store than an inconsiderate human.


Why even mention about the behavior of animal or human. That has no bearing in this topic of health.


Are you only allergic to non-service dogs? The entire world is full of allergens and pollution. Stay in the house if you can't handle it.

@Respiratory Sister

So we now live in a world where people are the prisoners and the pets get to live in the real world.