Randallstown, Maryland

Lowes sells me the product, but then ignores me 4 months after buying my refrig. They turn their service for appliances over to A & E who does not care, and has VERY pour service.

I will never shop at Lowes again. They have contracted their service to non-responsive company that does not keep apptmnts. A & E out and out lies! So, don't buy at Lowes.

You will not get service support or follow-up. As long as Lowes uses A & E, I will not buy another Lowes product.

Stay away from Lowes. Angry customer just wanting follow-up and service.

Monetary Loss: $2600.

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A&E is horrible my washer had the drain pump go out that took two three visits. Then the 3rd visit they put *** in the start button then three visits on that they installed the new penal and and he tell me he had trouble putting it in it looks horrible he's says I can call and complain he didn't care. Never again lowes


Had the same experiences with both companies. I agree, do NOT buy from Lowes and request any service from A & E.

Poor communication, performance, and overall service.

You will be extremely disappointed if you do. This is a major WARNING.


:( same old story : 45 DAY’S OLD the ice maker stop working called for service had to wait a week and the day they show up the freezer stop working.

Part on order take up to 14 day that poor business .

Ask for a new one they said they have to try to fix it first. What a bunch B/S


:( I have had the same experience with A & E. We have a dishwasher that was purchased from Lowes that has broken.

We were referred to A & E through Lowes for the repair. We were given a 5 hour time window in which they would come for the repair but no one ever came. I contacted the company again that evening to let them know and reschedule - they had no knowledge that the repair person never came. Monday we were given another 5 hour repair window.

I called Monday morning to confirm that someone would come and to get a more narrow window. The scheduling agent was extremely rude and told me that we missed our appointment Saturday because there was not anyone home. We were here the entire time! I was also told that I would have to reschedule because they do not have me scheduled today either, the agent I spoke to Saturday never booked the apt.!!

She put me on hold and then sent me back to the menu line so I could start the process over again. I called back and I asked for a manager, she asked if she could put me on hold for 1-2 minutes. I waited 8 minutes and then was disconnected by A&E. I have no appointment scheduled and still have a broken dishwasher.

I called a local company - they came out w/in 2 hours of taking my call.

DO NOT use A & E!!!!! :(


I am so upset with Lowes and A&E. I had the same situation happen to me 8 weeks ago.

I talked to Lowes they set up the appt with A&E they gave me their number I called and confirmed the very next day. I waited that long so that I knew that gave Lowes and A&E to get the request and whatever paperwork they needed for the service appt for my dryer. I spoke to a VERY rude lady she said that they had my request and my appt booked, but that the time frame was from 9-12. I took that morning off which was very hard for me to do bc I am a single mom of 5 children and a grandbaby, but of course A&E nor Lowes cared.

I called that morning to confirm the appt and that same rude lady said "if we have you scheduled we will be there" again I asked for an ETA and she couldn't tell me. Well 11:00 came and no call no tech; 11:30 no call no tech...So once again I call and that rude lady said we don't have you on the books! I flipped and asked to speak to a mgr, and boy was that a joke! He was just as rude so I cancelled the appt after he hung up on me.

I had to call back 7 times for someone to answer. I called Lowes to let them know what happened and they didn't really care, but had another company come out 8 days later. Well guess what, my dryer went out again for the same reason...Guess who they wanted to send out? A&E!

I said HE!! NO!!! So they sent out another company which the timeframe wasn't any better but they showed up. Well, after they figured out what was wrong (after I told them exactly what was wrong) they had me down for yesterday to come out and fix it...Lowes didn't ship the dam# parts!

I call Lowes and the guy tells me that they are shipping the parts today and that it will take 5-7 business days to get the parts and at that point I can call the other company to schedule the fixing of my dryer...I to will NEVER buy anything from Lowes again...and if Sears only uses A&E looks like Oliver Dyer is my new appliance vendor! :( :( :(:(


In year one, you can use any mfr authorized repair service. Go to the mfr website and get a listing. Don't need the store involved


all you have to do, is return the item as defective to Lowes. they have a warranty for one year on the product after which it goes to A and E for repair. Maybe Lowes will catch on that customers are not going to put up with their *** and they will change repair companies.


Agree with all neagt6ive comments about A & E, they are happy to set up an appointment, but then you wait for 3+ weeks for simple parts to arrive to actually fix my appliances. Would love to say this is the first time, but it happens EVERYTIME and we have no other choice because we paid for a (useless) warranty,


I agree totally - took off four hours for an appt that was scheduled between 1-5 pm.I called that day at 11 am to see if I could get a more precise time frame - nope was told between 1-4. At 4:30 called and was told the technician was running late- I got upset because if that was the case why did I take 4 hours of my personal leave time??

When I asked the service person for his name he hung up on me.Called back at 5 and spoke to someone who put me through to routing at which time I was told the service had been rescheduled because there was no available service technician in my area that day.

Worse customer service ever!! Called the escalation department and still waiting for a response back !!


Did you know that A&E pretty much has the market cornered on appliance repair? Oh...

Did you know that A&E is a SEARS company? So where do you plan on buying your appliances JK AS