I purchased a GE washer and dryer from Lowes a year and a half ago. My warrenty was out in one year.

One day while washing a load of cloths my washing machine just stopped working. After calling a service company (A GE certified company) to my home, I was told that I needed a motor and a trans. The service company also informed me that the model of machine i have has had problems since it came on the market, he said he has replaced hundreds himself. I was pissed, just like the service man said, there is no way that GE does not know that there is a problem.

Did they send out a recall and make it right for the consumer? NO, they did not. The two parts I need cost more than I paid for the machine. So I called GE customer relations and told them how I felt in so many words, they did offer to pay for the parts but not for labor.

If i had the machine for 5 or more years then ok but only a year and a half i should not have to pay for anything. I also called Lowes because they sold me this product and they also no there is a problem.

Why would u sell your customer a bad product?

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I am an appliance manager at lowes, and I must say that it amazes me when customer, like yourself, don't purchase the extended protection plan and then get upset with us because their machine quit working. All associates are trained to inform you that the store warranty is 30 days, and the manufacturer's warranty is 1 year.

Just because mom and pop repair shop says that they have repaired a lot of them doesn't mean that is true.

Quite honestly, you should be thankful that GE was even willing to pay for the parts. Hopefully the next time you purchase a major appliance you will also purchase the extended protection plan, it is a small price to pay for piece of mind.


This is a problem with GE, not with Lowe's. Lowe's agreed to stand behind the product for thirty days when you bought it and Ge agreed to stand behind it for one year.

Lowe's offered to guarantee the product for five years with their extended warranty. You decided to gamble on there not being a problem and when you gamble sometimes you lose.

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