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So we recently went to both Lowes and Home Depot to buy a 5ft sliding glass patio door. What I'm so pissed off about happened at both stores.

You go in and all of their display patio doors are 5ft models. They clearly have a price tag of about $429 with the words In Stock. When we tried to actually order it, they told us they never stock 5ft doors, only 6ft doors and we'd have to order it. Ok, we'll have to wait two weeks which is not terrible.

Then they say O, and because we have to order it, its now a 'special order' and the price is now close to $800 !!! How is this not false advertising !! This cannot be legal ! They bring you in the store with one price and then say they never stock them at that price and the actual price is almost double !

We found a 5ft door at a building supply company and paid the $429 like it was supposed to be. I will NEVER EVER go to these box stores again.

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