Old Town, Maine

We had a horrible experience using the Valspar Paint that included the Primer. We prepared all the walls in the bedroom, and decided to purchase this product.

We painted one coat, and realized that we would need another coat. We waited until the next day, and when we rolled the 2nd coat on, it actually PEELED the first coat OFF.. what a MESS.. we went to the Lowes where we purchased it, and they sent out a rep from Valspar, along with the manager of the local store.The V.

rep. said that they would pay for more paint, but had NEVER,in his experience,ever paid for LABOR to FIX a problem.I told them that I had Media connections, and that their product was "chemically" manufactured wrong. and that I would be taking it to the Media.. all the way..

3 days later the Lowes called and said that THE STORE would pay for a painting contractor to come and fix/sand the walls and repaint. V/spar just gave more paint.. Kudos to the local Lowes.

Boo.. to Valspar..

fix your paint.. the primer which adheres to the wall first.. does not cure.. so it is still wet underneath theouter part of the paint...

go back to the chem lab.! and stop selling this paint !

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First of all what type of finish meaning what gloss level of paint was underneath? Painting over an existing enamel wether oil based or water based requires one of two prep steps either de-glossing surface or priming surface with bonding primer, wait 24 hrs then top coat with good quality paint.

Valspar Signature paint is not a cure all paint/ primer-in-one is just a selling tool. I have yet to meet a Valspar Rep with field experience to identify basic common paint failures


Thanks for the heads up on Valspar. I have had some great experiences with Lowe's since they came to town a few years ago and have been buying all the appliances for myself and the kids from them, thanks initially to the free delivery, but their prices and service is great also. Nice to see they stand behind a lousy product they happen to sell---even if at the point of a threat to go public.


That is why you should use Benjamin Moore.