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I purchased a washer and dryer on February 3, 2011. The appliances were delivered satisfactorily EXCEPT for the fact that I have NEVER heard of purchasing an appliance which the seller can NOT INSTALL!!

Lowes informed me AFTER the dryer was delivered and it became clear that the dryer needed to be vented out the side, that they could not install the dryer exhaust kit (WHICH LOWES SELL) or hook up the side vent kit (WHICH LOWES SELL) to the dryer (WHICH LOWES SOLD). I am VERY upset about this. I called the store and could not even get the name of a vendor to do the work. An applicance which is not hooked up is a worthless to a 60 year old single female, who can not move, lift it or otherwise address installation issues and LOWES should make it clear BEFORE taking your money that you will be left high and dry to figure out what to do with the expensive hunk if metal you have purchased from them.

I spoke with an assistant manager at Lowes who told me you dont install and Maytag (the manufacturer) doesnt install, PERIOD. . . end of discussion.

This is scrap. I will not be buying any more appliances from LOWES. I purchased the washer and dryer on February 3rd. I did not find an appliance company willing to install appliances they did not sell until Monday, March 21st.

. . . almost two months!!!

at a cost of $200.

I am not happy with LOWES services. I want to other customers aware of this mess.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Hmmmm. The wording and tone in the 3rd party rant to the customer reveals what seems, in my opinion, to be a high level of frustration with one's job. It also seems to be making a number of assumptions about the customer's Lowes purchase transaction. Finally, there does not seem to be any sympathy for the customer's frustration with the delivery.

In my dealings with Lowes over 10 or 15 years, I honestly have never had a bad experience....until a recent one that involved a delivery. One of the two men who delivered was in my opinion both rude and unprofessional from beginning to end. I honestly do not recall ever having had an appliance delivery from any company handled so poorly.

However, at that time I was not aware that Lowes may be using a 3rd party delivery service (if the above post is accurate).

Lowes has earned my trust and respect thru the years. The delivery person's behavior in our home recently did not.


Well, I should be ready to complain to Lowe's extensively. They sell shingles but refuse to redo my roof, sell flooring but refuse to put it in, and sell plants but refuse to plant them for me. What jerks.

Good, God, some people think they pay for the world when they're only paying for a cheap product.


My husband and I own a company that handles the 3rd party deliveries for Lowes and this is not the first time Ive seen a customer with an unfounded complaint. Sadly, it happens more often than it should.

Because you did not make sure that they dryer you were buying would 1)fit in your house, 2)not need any special adjustments and 3)would fit your current available venting and plug specifications..its the salesman, or the delivery persons fault? We are a delivery service, not a home remodeling company. If you dont measure your opening before you go and buy a refrigerator, are we responsible to adjust the structure of your home? Absolutely not, because you didnt check all your needed specifications before buying a dryer, should the delivery service or Lowes be responsible for altering the construction of your home?

Absolutely not!

Use this as a lesson, and next appliance purchase, measure, measure and research. Dont just go in half cocked, buy whatever looks nice and then be mad when it doesnt fit, cant be hooked up, or anything else for that matter.


I just purchased a washer and dryer from Lowes and is free installation that means when it is delivered to the home they hook them up so if you deliver then your people are responsible for hooking them up you are going way overboard no one is saying they have to rewire the house or cut holes in the wall they have to hook up hoses attach venting or whatever then unhook to remove to re-attach it to the new ones so appliance will work when they leave in my case they bring them then tell me they don't do copper well shouldn't the salesman tell you these things when they sell it to you as in the case with the lady above YES they should be responsible and ask you what type of hook ups you have or if their will be a problem with a certain type of appliance and maybe purchase the correct brand or type of appliance that is why you are there and they work in that department to sell you the correct one that is the best fit if there are different kinds for different homes I guess we all assume washers and dryers will fit in any home the only thing is electric or gas the homeowner should be responsible to know that as far as I know they should all work in any home and if they sell you vent kits and whatever to go with a dryer and they tell you they hook it all up on delivery then they better do it and if they don't do copper why don't they tell you like the lady says When Your In The Store At The Time Making Purchase not when they come and deliver then tell you we don't do those kind I don't know why they tell her they do not install in 2011 but in 2014 they tell me they install with delivery I attached the copper tube to the back of the dryer no big thing but the guy gave me a story about the venting and Lowes sold me cheap stuff but I think the guy just didn't want to do it because when I went back they gave me a free $50 gift card and now waiting for someone to come back and do the venting which I would do myself but there is something confusing me and I would rather they just do it but really don't wait and tell the customer when your in the house with the appliance tell them the facts in the store what exactly to expect and I am not saying the delivery people are responsible for everything the salesman needs to tell the customer but if the delivery people are suppose to hook it up then they should be able to do it


I used to have an applinace store and would not hook up any appliances other than plugging a refrigerator or AC in. The reason why, for dryers and electric stoves, because of the grounding system required by most local code, a qualified person needs to do the install, as far as the washer goes, I can not even tell you how, because if it leaks I am on the hood,

have any of you hooked up an electric stove(the plug) incorrectly? it can melt the bus bar in the breaker and cause a fire and burn a house down or kill someone, I would rather have an inconveinced customer, but one with the name of a person to hook it up.

electric stove uses 220 volts at 50 amps

dryer uses 220 volts at 30 amps

hot water heater 220 volts at 30 amps

this is not even considering propane or natural gas appliances


there is a big difference between INSTALLING and REMODELING!!!!!!!!!!


i got rid of a washing machine that had started to leak. i purchased a brand new (first one) washer froom lowes.delivery guys (farrell & jim) connected the hoses, pushed the washer back, talked a little and left.

when i used the i will never use their washer, one of the hoses was not connected properly and my whole kitchen flooded with hot water. that was a week ago. had serv-pro come in and soak up water and now I have to find someone to put ini a new floor.

haven;t been able to use kitchen or washer for 8 days and counting. will never use their delivery again :cry


Used to work in flooring department at Lowe's and if the hook up something they are held responsible, if the floor was ruined they would replace it. They pretty much do whatever the customer comes crying about.