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I went to loees in Stsrkvilles. last week to purchsse a srove. We went to the appliance dept. Tthrre wad only one person back there waitng on another, thr eotket did noy even avkmowledge us. The gentlemsn he wss wsiting on told him

twice to go ahead and waiy on ud. The eorket still did not acknowlodge us.

We stayed back there for over sn hour waiting on service. We finally wslked out an eemtbto another store and bought s stove

I called lowes and spoke with spoke with a a manager named Misty or Missy and she told me if I came bacl to the store, she would give me a discount on a dishwasher we wanted. We went back this past Tuesday and paid cash fot the dishwashet. It wss supposed delivered snd installef within is not.installed yet! We spoke with them this afternoon. They said we did not sign a contract, which no one mentioned!

I don't know why we need to sign a contract,we paid cash. We are going to the store tomorrow and get my monry bsck and never set foot in loees again! I ill also tell everyone I know about how you are treared by lowrs!

Jamie Edwards


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