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We bought the Gold Series Whirlpool fridge (Model WRF990SLAM00) in December 2013. A few months after its first repair, (dripping on the top left inside of the fridge), which happened within the first year and was covered by the manufacturers warranty, it started to make an incredibly loud whirring sound that kept us up at night.

Our bedroom is upstairs and far away from our kitchen, and I had to sleep with earplugs to not hear the noise. We tested the noise on a decibel app and it came in between 66-70. A normal fridge noise level should be around 52 decibels. We had a repairman come out and he replaced a fan even though he told me it wasn't going to fix the problem.

Wait, what? After he replaced the fan and the whir continued, we called Lowes' extended warranty again, and they sent out a different company: 1-800-Appliance. The second guy replaced two kits and found some issue with the ice maker, which we were not even aware of, but the noise remained, and he then had the gall to say it was a normal noise. If it was normal, wouldn't it have been making that noise the first year we had it?

We had 1-800-Appliance come out again and he determined he couldn't fix it, so Lowes sent another guy from the same company, and he replaced the same fan that the first guy replaced, which was clearly not the problem. Three perfectly good fans were wasted. BTW, the repairman who said the noise was "normal" told us that the fridge had a part that was made to be replaced after purchase because if Whirlpool had the part at the point of sale, the fridge would not meet the Energy Star standards. Hello, lawsuit!

After three repairs for the same problem and five visits that did not fix the problem, we were told Lowes would issue us a return order in three days. Finally! Not so fast ...one week later, no one called, so I called them and then Lowes denied having told us that! We gave them the name of the person who told us they would take the fridge back, but the woman on the other end said she had no record of that (how convenient) and, despite the California lemon law requiring only three attempts at a repair, they would require yet another attempt by one of their repairmen.

She told me that if he determined the noise was abnormally loud and not repairable, then she could contact the manufacturer and go from there. So they sent a guy from the first company out and he wrote down that the fridge was not repairable and was very noisy. He said that should take the fridge back at that point. My husband called Lowes several days later after not being contacted by them and they told him that they need to send a different repairmen out from 1-800-Appliance and that only 1-800-Appliance could determine if we could get a refund.

If that was true, then why send the other company out? By the way, the second guy sent out by 1-800-Appliance wrote down that the noise was very loud and wasn't fixed by his repair. But the notes Lowes said they received from him didn't say that at all. They told me that he wrote that the noise level was normal.

I am starting to think there is collusion between Lowes and 1-800-Appliance. Something very wrong here. So, six visits later and horrible customer service from both Lowes and 1-800-appliance, we are now being told that the "repairs" need to be 30 days apart from each other before they will issue a return. If the cause of the noise was never actually repaired, then why do we have to wait a month between repairs?

We continue to jump through the hoops that Lowes keeps throwing our way, but it is now clear that they have no intention of taking the fridge back. The fridge is less than two years old, and we have the extended warranty. We couldn't take the noise any further because it felt like it was causing hearing loss and after several months of that horrible sound we were both on edge, so we bought an amazingly quiet fridge from Pacific Sales, and they assured us that they would not do to us what Lowes did. Pacific Sales pride themselves with having good customer service.

Lowes seems to have taken delight in lying to us, selling us a lemon, and then not righting a wrong. We have moved the loud piece of shi* into our garage, and if Lowes continues to change the rules of a return and act in collusion with 1-800-appliance, probably in hopes that we will simply throw in the towel, then at least we don't have to hear that horrible sound in the meantime. If they don't do the right thing and take back the fridge, then we will simply keep calling out a repairmen to "fix" the problem.

We have three more years of our warranty, and if Lowes doesn't do the right thing, we will make them pay for this one way or another. Viva la revolucion!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Lowes Cons: Poor customer care.

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