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I learned that it is very common, an associate not close the cover properly causing the paint to spill in the car, in this case, Lowes will pay for the cleanup and for the damage the paint do in the car, but if it make home without spilling, Lowes is not reliable anymore. Can someone tell me what is the difference?

How it happened: On Saturday Sunday, May 23 , I bought a gallon of paint bucket at Lowes in Lemmon av, Dallas - TX, took it to my home, and left it on the bedroom floor, unaware that the cover of the paint can was not properly closed, due to Lowes associate not closed it very well, and it spilled all over my rug and in the carpet.

I run back to Lowes to complaint, talked to the manager, filed a complaint and followed the manager's directions to not move the rug away, cleaned as much as I could with water and paper, and wait for a insurance person to come over to my house to document the damage.

A few days later an account processor from SRS, called me and left a voice message with a claim number, I called her back twice leaving voice messages, and a few days later we were able to speak, meantime the rug and the carpet still in my bedroom with papers and paint drying.

I explained what had happened with the paint, she replied that "if it did not spill in my car, but in my house is because, I had opened the paint can " and my statement is not reliable. I thought with myself, "is she calling me a liar? No, it is not possible…" and I continue to explain that, I am a loyal customer of Lowes, that I drove pass Home Depot because I have always the best service in Lowes.

The SRS account processor explained to me, "they are a third part service company and could care less if I am a good customer or if my husband and I spend thousands of dollars per year in Lowes".

After the phone conversation, I talk to my husband and we decided to go ahead and get SRS decision by writing, I called Brandi again, several times on June and July, leaving a voice message asking her to call me back.

After several weeks, I was able to reach her on the phone and I requested a formal letter of her decision. The letter was posted on July 14 2010 but dated May 28 2010, any good reason for that? Should she sent me a letter with her decision, after we have spoken on May?

Now the rug and the carpet are permanently destroyed, and I am seeking for Lowes or SRS to pay to replace the carpet in my bedroom, it is a legitime complaint from an very disappointed (ex) loyal customer.

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I seen a Lowes customer dump a bucket of paint in their brand new car in a Lowes parking lot. The store admitted they were at fault and offered restitution.

SRS is a 3rd party, 3rd world bunch of dirt bags.

They are out to save money for Lowes, not spend it for them. I know this first hand.


Sounds like you're trying to blame Lowes for your error. WHY did the paint wait until you set it on the floor at home before spilling? If the lid was loose when you took the paint from the store (with no spillage) and then drove it home (with no spillage) but, almost magically, it spills while just sitting on your floor at home???

I think you need a good brain-douching.


Hey dms222- I just had this happen to me and am going to get my car cleaned and my pants and my right shoe replaced. It is easy to say why did the paint wait to spill?

Who knows.

How would you know unless you were there? You should go work for Lowes - if you don't already.