Boise, Idaho

I purchased a Troy Built lawn mower in November of 2011 from Lowes in Boise, Idaho and used it once. I then put it away per the instruction that came with it.

The next spring it would not start. I contacted Lowes but all they do is tell me that the 30 days are up since I bought it and there is nothing they are willing to do. I think they need to take down their "customer satisfaction" slogan since they don't stand behind it. I have purchased quite a few appliances from them and now fear that no help will be available even though I purchased extended warrenties.

Also, trying to contact the manufacture seems to also be a nightmare.

I guess I just purchased a boat anchor. They love to take your money but it stops there.

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you're a ***. Lowe's will cover you on the products that you purchased if you purchased the extended warranties.

but it sounds like you didn't purchase one on the lawn mower. how do you expect a store to stay in business if they buy products from manufacturers to sell and then also have the responsibility of replacing it?? that's why they have extended warranties so you're paying them extra money and giving them extra profit so they can stay in business AND protect your product. but I guess you're one of those *** that think just because you bought something, that store created it.

I guess since Walmart sells Pepsi, they create the Pepsi in a little factory behind the store. losers like you are annoying because you get pissed over nothing, all because you're too dumb to understand how the retail word works.


I would think Troy Bilt has a one year warranty, but I could be mistaken. Your owner's manual will contain the terms of a warranty. They are the one's to contact, not Lowe's. Lowe's did not build the thing and has no repairmen anyway. The manufacturer does.

There are any number of reasons the mower would not start after sitting all winter: 1. If battery assist, a dead battery? 2. Did you put Sta-bil into the gas tank and run it 10 minutes before storing it? 3. Was the air cleaner clogged?

You did not give us much info on what kind of mower or the symptoms experienced when attempting to start it.

As an aside: Troy-Bilt is really not the best mower. Try a John Deere for the top of the line in both tractor mowers and push mowers. Troy-Bilt is now owned by MTD who also owns Cub Cadet and Bolens. They used to be a good company and dependable machine, but when they went bust and were bought by MTD they got caught up in the MTD bureaucracy and I can believe how frustrating you can get trying to get them to do anything for you or anyone. They really don't care anymore and have ruined a good brand. Good luck. And buy a Deere!

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