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We have experienced the worst costumer service in many years.

We ordered a John Deere riding lawn mower. When It came time to deliver, they called and arranged a delivery time. It was suppose to be delivered a sat morn. We waited and no Mower. My husband called and finially got delivered at 6:30 in the evening.

The same time we also ordered a Sliding glass door. When installed the screen and beant it while putting it in.

Then ordered a new one, said they would deliver it. Irwin took that afternoon off and no screen.

They called and said they lost the screen so they couldn't deliver it. Then they found it and would call for another appointment to put it in. They never called. My husband called and they said your screen has been installed. My husband told them no it hasn't.

So they said Jeramie is on vacation. He can't do this until tues. My husband made an appointment for tues to have it installed. Jeramie was to call half hour before showing up. No call. At home at noon and no call no show.

We come home and the screen was installed. They had climbed our fence came on our back porch without our permition and without a phone call telling my husband they were in their way.

Now the screen does not work and is not installed correctly . It slides very stiff and is not streight.

We love to shop and buy from Lowes all if the time.

My Brother -in-law is a manager at the store we shop. 72 Giles. This is no reflection of his work We really like the work Jeramie does but we are very disappointed. When we called they just say Jeramie will call us. Lowes should take care of this we should not have to. We bought from Lowes not Jeremy. We are looking to install more windows but your costumer service is really not the best. It seems The right hand doesn't know what Left hand does. This is a bad reflection on your store. Rick is very happy and proud of his job.

Can we look into this and see what and where the problems are.

Sincerely Irwin and Wendy Welch

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Although you did buy the door from Lowes and not Jeromy . Well...

Jeromy is the hired installer for Lowes so there fore it is the installers responsibility to fix it/take care of it.

It is against Lowes policy to send a Lowes associate there to take care of it. That is why they have an install department..