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I ordered a refrigerator online on 9/10/2013. I also ordered a water line for the ice maker.

I used a 10% off coupon. The final order total was $877.49. I received an email stating that I would be getting a phone call in 24 hours to schedule a delivery time. Fair enough.

Well, 24 hours came and money was debited from my account either. I called customer care the afternoon of 9/11/2013. I was told that the order had been processed and it would be delivered the following day...9/12/2013. I was also told that someone would call me with a delivery time...within 24 hrs.

I received no call, no email, no nothing. No money had been taken out of my account yet. The next morning I once again called customer care, and they told me that my refrigerator would be delivered that day sometime between 8am-11am. About an hour later, a gentleman called me from the warehouse, and told me that my order could not be processed due to some kind of problem with the computer system.

He told me that he was going to have to cancel the order, and do a new service ticket, and enter it manually. I gave him my debit card number. He told me that were loading my fridge, and they would be bringing it shortly. After I got off the phone, I checked my account balance.

They had taken $974.68 out of my account! This was $100 too much. I was getting pissed. I called customer care back, and told them what had happened.

They apologized, and told me that they would refund the money in it's entirety and cancel the order. They also told me that if I wanted to reorder that I could, and they would take an additional $877 out of my NO. I told them that were supposed to be bringing the refrigerator today...they said they were not going to because the order has been cancelled. Since I did not have enough money in my account to reorder I could wait until the refund went in, and do a whole new order.

I told them to just forget it. I am so disappointed. Not only am I out $970, but I have nothing to show for it.

If you are purchasing appliances careful. They will take your money, and give you nothing.

Monetary Loss: $974.

  • Lowes Bad SERVICE
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The Oct 27th reply made a lot of sense


How are you out $970?? They refunded you...move on.


Because you ***...the refund has yet to show up. Also this was bad , bad customer service. Very disorganized and scatter-brained...kind of like you.


Now now, children. No need to bring insults in to this.

Now, in regards to your complaint, I can partly understand. I can understand your frustration with the order, however, it was never the store/companies fault directly. Computer systems fail all the time and this could have happened with any online retailer. Once you made the company aware of the situation, they did everything in their means to correct it for you.

The ONLY minor misunderstanding was that you used a 10% off coupon that the warehouse did not see on their loading ticket. So when they resubmit your order, they most likely put it through without the 10%. Once you noticed that was wrong, they offered a solution that would have easily taken care of the issue, to which you declined.

In my honest opinion, this complaint is not valid. And, as another commenter stated, "they refunded you...move on."