Newark, New Jersey
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Lowes in Paramus, New Jersey, it is the worst service ever, I thought Home Depot was bad, Lowes you are the champion of Bad Service,went to buy a shed , no one in the whole darn store could help , a big *** store with no workers , when we did find someone after a one hour of waiting , Poor Miguel from plumbing tried to help set up a sale for a shed, he did not know the code to put into the computer, when he tried to call someone who works in Lumber , the poor *** could not figure out the system either, could not set up an appt. could not put the sku in every time they tried the darn computer kicks it back out, after 2 hours we left , and they ask us to come back in a few days when someone is working who could do the work, I say give Miguel a big fat raise and train him in lumber, Lowes and their corporation should be ashame of themselves , they run the small businessmen out of their business where there was better service, Lowes you suck you stinks, stop try to be so big. HOW ABOUT HIRING PEOPLE if you are building these giant size stores , you also send people to the homes to do work , and they are not train, You *** a closet door after 2 months it falls apart, you destroy my garage after putting up a new door , you tried to *** my kitchen , I am done with you

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